Friday, March 13, 2015

Muir Woods At The Pacific Coast....and A Farewell To Kurt Davenport.

My new home and transition is complete but due to devastating circumstances. When I met Kurt Davenport we had a chance to spend a whirlwind of time together. He reminded me of my ex-partner Holter from a few years ago. Both gentle, easy to get along with, masculine men. I had spent almost every free hour with Kurt at his beautiful beach home in Muir Woods at The Pacific Coast sims and we had planned for me to live there with him. We were about to get partnered on Second Life.
He loved sailing and was everything I wanted and we had identical interests in everything.
When I woke up to the news in  I.M.'s and emails that Kurt had abruptly left Second Life on his 3rd Rezz Day and deleted everything and vanished because of a real life personal issue it was as if this man I was getting to know so well just died on me.
The character Kurt is actually dead on Second Life. He deleted his SL account so he couldn't come back!  I never had a chance to say goodbye.
He unfriended everybody before he left, quit his groups and profile and tied up all loose ends with a few goodbye notes to me and his friends. It was so sudden and unexpected and I was in shock for 2 days. I kept thinking he might pop back inworld until his profile was gone and deleted.
I was talking to one of his neighbors who convinced me to apply to take over the land rental and move in. So one thing led to another and I did move in with tremendous help from the owner Jude.  I changed the house and decor and a bit of the landscape and moved in. Living here will remind me of my beautiful friend Kurt Davenport yet still begin a new chapter.
When you read this in your real life Kurt,  please just know that we had a wonderful time together and I understand and accept and trying to move on. Thank you for everything and as we always said, everything happens for a reason....Look at the moon over the Blake Sea.
Nobody ever just disappears!

UPDATE: January 2016: Kurt Davenport has returned to Second Life. I am now very happy with my husband Dalton Cole but friends with Kurt.

GoodBye Kurt....xxxxxx



Rocky Constantine said...

Very nice home set up. Mine is due for a change too. Thanks for sharing.

Coverboy Toy said...

Well your home looks beautiful. Hopefully, it will lead you to new adventures, and aspires you to find prosperity in Second Life.

Bock McMillan said...

I had so many feelings boiling inside me when I read this, my sweet Canadian Ziggy. Anger, sadness, happiness, irritation and loads more so I didn't know what to say.

After settling down, I have returned in a calmer state to simply tell you, I love you my friend and as always you have yet again proved to be a resilient man and a wonderful landscaper and interior decorator! Big hugs!