Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Friendly Visit With Kahvy (Sands) Smith and Garrett Smith...

I had some friends (Garrett and Kahvy) drop by the house last night for shits and giggles and great discussions and topics one of which was the The Mesh Project and the new mesh avatars I been wailing about for days.
If anybody knew their shit about the new mesh bodies than these guys do.  I got great advice, tips and was informed of many facts that I was not aware of before. The bodies do look great and I did not know about the alpha hud to help clothes fit better. All this new information caused me to sleep on it and consider trying it.
I think my project for today is to transform (gulp) into the Mesh Project Body. I am also going to attempt to see how I can attempt to make it a little more original looking than the average.
I need a change and time to put my money where my mouth is before I yammer on relentlessly about clones, Botox and cocks lmao.

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