Thursday, February 19, 2015

WTF Is Happening With Second Life Clubs These days....

Oh no, brutally honest Ziggy is shit disturbing come the rolling of the eyes and the knashing of the teeth.
OMG I was at a rather famous, long running club with a veteran DJ and host and the DJ did not show up for 30 minutes and did not start until 45 min and the host was away for dinner for 20 minutes and forgot to open the contest board. Now maybe the DJ was delayed which is true and understandable but the host should have announced it. Such a mess and so unprofessional. Not the club but really I point at the host.
This is why the club scene is dying on SL with a handfull of people showing up sometimes. Ya I am jaded but I miss the old days of SL with the mega party's where EVERYBODY attended from ALL clubs not just tiny cliques. The only times I see a truly great party like the "old" days is Second Pride on the big main stage every summer.
I remember a time on SL between 2007 to 2010ish when the clubs were somewhat united and they all seemed to stagger their parties with respect to each other and then all the staff from all the clubs would show up and support each others places.  I specifically remember Ironworks, Fat Tigers, Aussieboys, Aqua, Impulse and Devil Inside and many others from that era had a sense of comradery.
I hung around with some of the managers and DJ's at the time and they were all good friends and hung around together and cross promoted each others clubs and events. You would see posters and landmarks on the walls promoting all the clubs in the circuit and everynight of the week there were major events and happenings.
Don't ask me who I am talking about or what club it was at but I just wanted to make a rant and a statement that might wake some folks up and help get the scene united again without bitter competition, in fighting and intense spamming champagnes to try and bully pixel people into attending your events.
Ok end of rant, bring on the hate comments lol.

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