Friday, February 06, 2015

The Roaring Silence

I went on a very peaceful, early morning sail today (my first in a few months) and had a great time for 2 hours. I started off at the dreadful, new Second Norway Airport extension until I hit a sim North east of Port Victoria Isle yacht Club North Of The Blake Sea where some fucking asshole had a 45 second warning, security orb set up over the full body of open water there which sent me home and sunk my ship. Again I repeat, if you live on or around the Blake Sea and other main sailing areas do not use fucking security orbs or ban lines. Hope some griefer goes and fucks you up for ruining what was a great sail....I believe the culprit was Anonyme Island, right beside the yacht club. What are they protecting/hiding there? An underwater brothel for assholes?

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Carl said...

A beautiful set of photos ZIGGY.