Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Downward Spiral Of Second Life....Part Deux (My Opinion)

This little cute blog snippet is my continuation of this blog post here, from a few days ago.
Since then I have had some interesting conversations with people as well as an inspirational blog post from my buddy Antonio Toocool here.
Those close to me know my theories and ranting, foaming at the mouth thoughts of the Second Life club scene and some of the unbelievable pricks who I have encountered who run some of the dives. I have written about all this stuff before and I will do it again. From Nazi club owners who ban and eject people with too many scripts after telling them to come as a certain script heavy theme outfit to one asshole who admitted on Facebook last year that they do not want "old" people at their clubs.
We also have this real asshole trash who flits around anonymously calling themselves "Kharfest" who tries their hardest to brainwash people with his/her agenda but really is only creating a carnival freak show for all the people to see and laugh at! Their cries and naming names makes them appear so lonely as well as mentally ill. All they are doing is driving the community apart and ruining some great, long term friendships with their mental illness and imbecile theories.
I love to tease and antagonize this bozo who pretends not to care.

Moving on...

My New Years Resolution this year was "No More Mr Nice Guy" and so better stop reading from this point on if your prone to crying, holding your breath, stomping your feet or TPing away to your private sim fortress to beat off to your mesh body parts. Ooooo Ziggy that's harsh. Oooo Nooo Ziggy here he goes again....

First a little more crap about the club scene:

Am I insane or is everything strippers, strippers, strippers? Now I have friends who do this and that so I may offend some folks but why oh why are there strippers in clubs? There are members in the usually sparse crowds who are hotter than the noob like strippers I sometimes see. When you go to a club now you are expected to tip the DJ, the host, sometimes the club owner and get this...2 or 3 strippers who may or may not be away from the keyboard. My recent journey into the furry clubs was an eye opening experience. No "hello's" when arriving, 3 or more strippers who were often AFK and some folks yapping away over the music in VOICE....WTF?
I stopped tipping months ago when I started adding up the amount of Lindens I burned as I gallivanted doing some nightly club hopping. Even tipping 100 cheap Lindens a pop adds up to alot when you have to tip DJ, Host, club owner and 3 strippers. Now I tip when I can and if there are strippers then forget it. I am all for supporting peeps but get real. Please just give us a DJ and a host.
Now there are alot of great clubs, DJ's and hosts out there doing it right but the bad apples are stinking the place up and have rotten bananas up their asses and rotting fruit on their mind.
I have a crazy real life work schedule that is all over the map so I do not have the time to have a job on Second Life so I am a miser when it comes to Linden dollars. I recently gave up my land and house to move into a somewhat free Linden home to live rent free, (Remember the fun of being a homeless noob when you first joined SL?) (See more on this topic further down the page)
Next is my sore spot for themes and contests. They have their place and can be fun sometimes but if there is a theme at a club I usually skip it or defy and come in my usual clothing. Now the clubs will tell you to come as you are anyways but you look and feel like a lunatic dancing in jeans and T-shirt when everybody is prancing around you in  feathers and dresses. I hate themes, gimmicks, contests, prizes, best in tits, largest cocks etc etc, Blaaaaa boo hiss
Now you look at me and scream..."well Ziggy you fucked up arse, if you can do it better why don't you do it in your own club and shut up?"
Tried it, didn't like it. Owning, running a club was not for me! Rather than torture everyone with begging and threats I simply stopped....

Now more about Second Life in general:

Why is everybody hiding? When I first came on Second Life it was vibrant. Malls, clubs and parks filled with groups of people hanging out and chatting and being fun and sociable. What happened?
Now many people are hiding on huge private sims in massive estate homes with one or two people per sim. Rarely does anyone visit you to see your beautiful handiwork and landscaping because they are too busy hiding on their own land.
We pay through our asses for land rental that we don't really need. No one cares or comes to visit because like in the club scene, they want you to come see their sim. Ya ya ya.
What is missing is "communities" Second Norway once had a nice little community but they got too big and that horrible huge airport ruined the atmosphere.
Mainland could have great little communities if we did not have the fucking idiots rezzing neon green dildoes in the air and hot pink tits bobbing on the horizon.
In my noob days I had no home. I logged on and off wherever because I did not know better and it was fun. Remember when you couldn't wait to log on and explore. Beautiful public sims and interesting places to explore. No need for a massive beach mansion with 6 rooms filled with pixel crap.
Don't get me wrong. It can be nice to have your own sim and home and I had this stuff for years too but I came to realize that all we need is one home, one room filled with our favorite little things to change clothes in and to log on and off in and have great, roaring sex with the avatar of our dreams. lol. (Off topic: I cannot wait to get a certain hot avatar in my pixel bed of dreams ;-) hehehehe...
I now live in a free Linden Home that comes with a Second Life premium account. I only have 117 prims to decorate with and it was a challenge and fun to find nice, little things that were low prim, looked nice and were cozy. I was a major prim whore and now I am cured. My house is lushly decorated and cozy and one room of my very favorite things. Not 6 sims of trying to keep up and impress the Jones that live 6 islands away behind ban lines and security orbs. I was lucky enough to find a Linden home right on the water so I have a great view of ocean and a breath taking sunrise.
It is great for resting my little Ziggy avatar when AFK and usually I am out sailing or at a club anyways so I no longer felt the need for a 500 prim Villa with matching toilet and shower with a tier that puts me in debt and brings my SL to a crashing halt when I have to abandon the sim.
Are you beginning to see where I am coming from and what I am driving at?
Simplify your Second Life and watch it hopefully become more fun again. Screw the contests, sploders, dancers, blind teleport offers and mega sim homesteads and bring it back down to earth and have fun and most of all...don't forget your real life and learn to log off sometimes :-)
Hang with friends, yell and scream and party and rejoice but just forget the extra crap!
Whew what a mouthful. Bet some peeps got pissed off at me from this. Just using words like Nazi, prim whore and noob got many people in an uproar and will give me dirty looks next time I come dancing into their clubs.  "here comes that fucking Ziggy prick" they all wail in unison. Shall we eject him and send him sailing into the ocean surrounded by ban lines?"
Naaaaaaa I am just a nice guy who feels passionate about a virtual world called Second Life...that's all.


Abinoam Nørgaard said...

Interesting thoughts and a great post!

I agree about the clubs. I've largely stopped going to parties altogether. Over the past year or so I've only been attending live performances of a select number of talented singers who I've come to know and appreciate. For the first year or so in SL, I didn't even know they were out there. Once I discovered them, going to DJ sets just didn't seem all that interesting (there are some exceptions, for sure).

About your comment that people are hiding... I too went off the radar for a lot of people about a year ago, but not out of hiding. People discover different things and interests in SL and simply move on. To me as a noob, it was all about meeting people and making an initial circle of friends. Clubs were the place to do that, but as I matured in SL, I lost interest in it, and once established, I didn't have so much need for it. There seems to be a pattern there, as most of my friends have had a similar path. So I see that as a sign that people are maturing and probably working on deepening their experience of SL. Which is more easily done in a setting more private than a club or a mall.

Again, great and witty post, I enjoyed reading it!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond. I too had stopped going to clubs for about 2 years and recently started going back. I had also discovered live musicians especially Noma Falta who I used to blog about on my old blog.
I think if our homes were not all on private islands but on a main type sim we could still have our privacy and move on as avatars but still be part of a neighborhood or community.

::: TOXIC CANDY ::: said...

enjoyed your post ;)

Jamie Colt said...

Enjoyed your post Ziggy , ecs the part regarding getting back to ones S roots. I had a house that wasso big and most of it was barely even used. I agree , keeping it simple is better. I'm on my own adventure now where I visit various places , communities and meeting new people in Second life. Currently I have been exploring Kowloon which is an amazing build ofHong Kong ad it holds a lot of secrets. I rentedan apartment there like Im really visiting for a few days. London is next. That feeling of living on the road iskinda exciting to me. Of course me and my partner have a home we spendourtime at together but.....I do love the idea of sweet and simple ...wind at your back. Thanks for your post Ziggy

Eddi Haskell said...

I don't think you need to be the least bit apologetic Ziggy. You do a service by telling it like it is. And after knowing for you all these years you I know you do not have a malicious bone in your body. Keep it up please!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thanks 4 the encouragement peeps xxx
It is fun to be a gypsy on SL.
Ine 3 month period I went on a waking trip down main land roads and visited and blogged the interesting places along the way. I logged off where I left off and logged on everyday to continue my journey.
The mainland is not so bad.

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