Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Oogle For Google

Chicken Little screamed "The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling" and that is like the mass panic going on right now in the blogging community who use Blogger as their page base.
Look and also here.
The story is that Google being like a big brother tyrant fuck buddy to Facebook, is sending out notices that as of March 24 or 25th something they will be deleting pictures, stories or content containing explicit adult content. Some say they are especially targeting the gay and lesbian community blogs but let me first play the DEVIL's ADVOCATE here.
My old blog contained naked avatars and sexually explicit sex and drug stories of my avatar and knowing that a day like this would dawn, I began my new blog here with a somewhat toned down version which did not show much or any nude material. I have a foul mouth for swear words and whistle blowing and brutal honesty but no dripping cocks or assholes puckered with condoms hanging out flapping in the wind. We all know there are many blogs out there with stuff like that and so I cannot scratch my head and wonder why this crackdown. I dare you to find me more than 3 blogs that are heterosexual that show dripping cocks and gushing vagina's. See My point?
The gay community is inclined to show more porn material on blogger so it is not really a conspiracy in my eyes. 
Now for my real take...Google is just another ungreased dildo rammed up the ass of the public much like the pile of liquid diarrhea known as Facebook. They spy on us and use the information to spam us with so much advertising crap that we are basically being raped. I am being so naughty and rebellious right now Google...cum and get me! ;-) This is not to be sniffed at and medical attention might be needed to ween us all off this trendy, social media bullshit.
Wipe it away and flush.
If worse comes to worse and this blog is heavily censored or deleted then that will be the end. I will not continue elsewhere and I will not suck the fat, juicy cocks of any big, media corporation and will not take it up the ass for their censorship either.
Now we can still Oogle on Google.

UPDATE: The decision has been reversed and this blog will remain open and here and back in business.

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