Thursday, January 08, 2015

Rib & Caycee's Winter Paradise

Since moving to the tropics this past Autumn I still miss the snow. I booked a ticket aboard Second Life Airlines and hopped on a snowmobile to transport me to a little, cozy hideaway called   Rib & Caycee's Winter Paradise located here.

There are great views as well as fun winter activities and abundant wild life. Skating, snowmobiling, fishing, dancing and tons of snow and fresh air. I loved walking through the somewhat hidden, ice cave which took me to a clearing where grisly bears  were hunting for jumping salmon.
I recommend a pair of warm boots, several warm layers of clothing, gloves and a granola bar to snack on after a days hiking and winter frolic.
I love the winter and it's cozy atmosphere and it's shorter daylight hours. Check it out and tell them Zig sent ya....


Rusty Redfield said...

Beautiful pictures!! And as a fellow Canuck I very much appreciate the red-and-black checked "Kamloops tuxedo" -- a beautiful winter mackinaw. Very lumbersexual!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

I am extremely lumber sexual in rl and sl hehehe