Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mesh Avatars So Far...

Have you heard the latest Second Life craze? Mesh avatars.
Many people have been wearing mesh avatars for a while now and some look terrific and others look know!
I admit I have tried out a few mesh avatars and to be honest, as of now, they are not for me. I feel like a clone sort of and not individual as many of the avatars have a similar look to them.
One thing I don't like is the inability to wear clothing unless it is made for that style of avatar. All my favorite clothes, including the mesh ones, would be useless. I don't want to constantly wear shorts or a thong with no shirt. It is winter and too cold for that and have you seen some of the nipples on the mesh avatars? They could take your eyes out.
I think mesh avatars are still in the early stages and I predict that within another year they will be perfected.
I still prefer my "old" style shape and skin and hair. I do have mesh feet, ears and eyes and experimented with mesh hair but found the hair never rezzed after TPing most of the time.
I have seen some breath taking results but for me, I will wait until it seems perfected and clothing is wearable before plunging into an expensive mesh avatar.
I will keep track of the mesh avatar situation over the next 6 months to a year and see where it all goes. In 6 months I may end up fully meshed out who knows....


Helene Dragoone said...

I agree....I like me and my own body. And mesh body is not for me yet.

Carl said...

Thank you. I have made no major changes in my
avi and was considering that it may be time to. I think I will wait. (smile)

Samiirah Sorcière said...

Agreed! I have sooo many clothes that I couldn't wear with the mesh avatar - even if I found a decent female mesh avatar, which I haven't yet - and I agree they look really generic especially in crowds. "Oh, look, this one has body #B with dark skin tone, Face #D and Hair #E, whereas that one over there has..." like they all ordered their bodies from a Chinese menu with limited selections.

::: TOXIC CANDY ::: said...

good post ...mesh body are not for me neither