Friday, January 16, 2015

Alcohol Kills

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A childhood, real life, friend of mine is dead. One of many I had over the years and the majority of them died from alcohol and.or drugs.
My most recent friend pictured above was Grant Faulkner. I had not seen him since I was 17 years old and we lost contact over the years. Turns out he was an homeless, alcoholic. I never knew till yesterday.
When we were 15 years old we used to dress up as the rock band KISS with tin foil and leather, platform shoes and face makeup and conduct mini-KISS concerts on his driveway of his house while all the neighborhood kids gathered from miles around. He would be Paul Stanley and I would be Gene Simmons lol.  We would pour lighter fluid into foil lined window boxes and set them aflame to make fire like a KISS stage show and many a time the fire department came because it got out of control hahaha
I have had so many friends die because they were drunks and/or drug addicts. They did not know when to end their party. I was fortunate enough to get out before it was too late.
This reaffirms my  anti booze stance and my favorite quote of "gimme pot not booze" rings more true than ever....
Grant lost everything he had because he drank...basically it comes down to that!

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Anonymous said...

real sorry to'hear that son ----i watch peeps kill'em selves everyweek 'cause drink -----&no nevr'seen anyone die of'weed

like they say if this'help just one person wake up its'done its job