Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yup I Gone Furry...Please Welcome The Punk Skunk!

So known fact, I always dabbled as a furry these past few years. Always had fun doing it. So as I predicted a few days ago, I have decided to become a furry. The "punk" skunk is my new official avatar. I may return to human, maybe not, maybe half and half, who knows.
If I need to go to a sim or club that does not allow furries I might wear my old human avatar but mostly I may altogether skip those places. My stance on the issue is that since it is their sim or club or beach they have the right and freedom of speech to make their own rules and we all should respect that but If I choose not to go because of that same issue this is also my right although not in a militant stance. There are many other places that welcome furry folk.
I am also doing a social experiment of sorts. I want to see the prejudices and abuse that is often shown towards furries. Most of my current friends know me already for the past 7 years as human Ziggy and so accepting me as furry should be no surprise.
Once on the mainland an idiot who looked like a noob flew into me when I was in my red tiger furry mode and called me a "furry fag" and that I was not wanted. This made me wonder why the hatred.
It is well documented elsewhere that people associate furries with fucking animals blaaa blaa blaaa.
I assure you that I love all animals and birds and reptiles and this will never be my goal. Sex is the last thing on my mind in deciding to become a furry. There is a lot of hatred on Second Life though about furries etc. Especially towards "Yiffing"
When I am a furry I feel more fun and playful and less trappings of social bullshit of proper hair, clothes and stuff. I like the playful, creative and being "different" and an "individual" side of furry life.
I will continue to do everything I always liked but in guise of a furry. Nothing really changed!
One thing I will do however is start going to some of the furry clubs and hangouts and document them with pictures. I may obtain some new friends and a new lifestyle. Who knows that down the line I may even end of partnering with another furry...my mind and Second Life are open.
The past 7 years as a human, male avatar was great, don't get me wrong but time for something radically new and edgy. I been with many great people with hundreds of great experiences but it was getting really stale fast. Time to leave the old, dead life behind and enter into something not quite so new to me but something definitely refreshing and fun....Yiff Yiff!
I may return to human, maybe not, maybe half and half, who knows but it will be fun trying and you can read and follow my adventures here as always....Let's go play!!!


Eddi Haskell said...

I like you as a furry! You look like you enjoy having your ears tickled. Merry Xmas and Happy New Years Ziggy!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Thank you Eddie and I love having my ears tickled.

Bock McMillan said...

If anyone is an arse towards you, bite them with those sharp little teeth and give them one of your famous rants!

Whatever shape or skin you're in, you are forever my Canadian friend with a weakness for nips and feet! ;)

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Awww thank you my sexy Swede....will you scratch my tummy as I squirm and kick and squeak?