Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time For Change...Goodbye For Now Blake Sea!

As hinted in my last blog post I have moved from Second Norway and The Blake Sea in general because of something I have bitched about in the past. Sim crossings, sim crossings and path finding fiasco.
I have been enjoying (or trying to enjoy) sailing and motorcycle riding for the past three or four years now and have always encountered problems. It became worse with the introduction of the newest Linden bell and whistle fiasco they call "pathfinding". It became more frustrating just trying to ride or sail almost all vehicles in Second Life and recently sim crossings have been an exercise in temper control and persistence. recent rezz day had me reflecting a little and I came to acknowledge the fact that although I love the Blake Sea area and living in Second Norway that I was paying a hefty price with less prims for the convenience of having a dock and rezzed boat on my land and the ability to just sail from own home turf. The last few months with the frustrations of crashing at sim crossings it seemed useless to have boats rezzed that ate up prims and were non-usable. I was paying more for a privileged that no longer was usable. I have given up sailing for the time being and moved to a private sim away from the Blake Sea at half the cost and almost double the prims. More for less.
If I do attempt to sail I can always just go to the Blake Sea and rezz a boat and if sailing conditions are horrific that day then I give up and not just wasting real money just to live there. As I say I am paying HALF the tier with 200 more prims available than before. Living on the Blake is beautiful and convenient but EXPENSIVE.
Now in no way am I pissing on The Blake Sea's or Second Norway and surrounding areas but the Lindens making updates and making no progress in fixing stuff, make my Second Life pleasures a nightmare and make it too frustrating for people who love to sail, fly planes or ride vehicles across sim crossings.

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