Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Slowly Rising From The Ashes...

My former blog "Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life" lasted a great 5 years before it was decimated by a graphic and photo loss catastrophe. I decided to kill the blog and deleted it and for awhile gave up the desire to blog anything. Slowly with time I tried other blog formats and returned to Blogger and revamped this new blog "The Eyes Of Ziggy Starsmith".
My goal in the beginning was to post mainly pictures and scenes from my Second Life with no real commentary. I purposely made the blog on the "dark" spectrum of things with a touch of Gothic, steam punk and dark themes with a few lighter sprinkles here and there.
In the past on the old blog I was known for brutal, biting honesty and sometimes scathing editorials about things and stuff that pissed me off. I got very critical and personal at times as well as very sexual and adult orientated, but always with a sense of humor which bordered on sick sometimes. I even lost a few long, time friends because of my honesty and thoughts but then again it was only my opinions. I regret nothing!
Now with more time passed I have thought it might be time to return to the past and revamp this blog more in my old style including commentary and biting sarcasm and criticism as well as the bitching and moaning I so surely loved to do! I have decided to return to form however this time I am going to leave out the hardcore sexuality and the more focused club stuff and focus more on Second Life as a whole without the prejudice of any type of sexuality involved. The reason being is that there are dozens of other fantastic blogs out there that already cover the sexuality, the party's, the adult penis swinging stuff. I want to focus and pinpoint on the stuff that I was known for that everyone seemed to like. My brutal honest opinions and theories on Second Life and everything involved for avatars in general. Sure there will be bitching about the Lindens, the lag, the ban lines, The Blake Sea and the controversy over me using the word "Nazi" to describe the behavior of some people who choose to fuck with me whether imagined or otherwise. Maybe a little more grown up because I have grown up as an avatar after 7 plus years on Second Life. Mellowed? Fuck NO! I am still the edgy, rebel who will stomp and hold his breath whenever I think I have been done wrong....Do I look tamed?
So rising up from the ashes of "On The Edge" I shall bring forth "The Eyes" into the next book of my adventures in the 3D world of Second Life. Once again including words, pictures, videos and songs but without the hard core adult content. This blog will be somewhat safe to read at work but mentally might just fuck up your brain ;-)
I am nuts you know...just watch me....

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