Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Randy Rhino Writers at SL10B

SIGH....Finally the tornado of activity in my 1st life is over and I can settle down to some serious Second Life, Second Pride and Second Life 10th Anniversary blogging and while my beloved Guyke is away I have to keep myself busy.
I immediately started off at the Rhino Writers Headquarters Display at the SL 10B sims.
 A very nice display put together by my buddy Avacar, Teno and Rico with some landscaping thrown in by moi...
Visit here:

What is Rhino Writers?
It is a group of gay and lesbian bloggers in Second Life who mostly write about Second Life. Here is their blog site:

On Wednesday the 19th at 11:00 a.m. SLT SL Live Radio will be broadcasting a two hour event from our pavillion. Please plan on joining us.

Just visit and enter the big, purple dome to find a display of all the various bloggers and by clicking on the picture you can view their blog. Simple.
Now what? Stop staring at my ass motherfucker and go out and explore...

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Ziggy Starsmith said...

Well I have eaten muffin in the past but yeah I love
huge pink cocks ;-)
To me it is dark pink/purple ;-)
maybe i am turning straight (doubt it)