Thursday, June 27, 2013

SL10B: Second Life's 10th Anniversary: It Started With A Cube.....Part Two

Part One Here

Part 2 of my coverage of Second Life's 10th Birthday and I saved the best for last although I was planning on a Part 3 I found all my attempts thwarted by many of the best builds and scenes being grey and not rezzing. I tried a few viewers and it was not on the viewer end but Second Life's Birthday Celebrations and displays were crippled it seems by Second Life itself with their poor timing of upgrading Second Life for the upcoming avatar rendering upgrades.
I loved the builds I did see and photographed but much great stuff was lost due to not rezzing and this I found highly disappointing and rather sad. All the hard work and it could not be captured for historical purposes in photographs.
Many of these pics could only be taken by derendering the grey-outs...
All in all though it was a wonder filled place and shows how far Second Life has come from the days of old...

I was thrilled to see info and displays on Second Life on trains, planes, boats and exploring etc.
If I said it once I will say it again. There is more to Second Life than fucking clubs, parties, DJ's, Hubs, Spurts and fucking Kharfests...Speaking of which, during my exploring and photographing I was constantly bombarded with IM's about partys and people wanting to know who Kharfest is and who is being the nasty blog.
I am ignoring these IM's and questions because I as well as others are sick to death of hearing about this asshole(s). I will not tell you who it is. This gives power to them and one thing they can't stand is being ignored....
All Kharfest stuff will be ignored....

And now as Second Life's 10th Anniversary draws to a close I would like to offer you these memories (Do you remember them?)

Philip Linden you gave us Second Life and we love you for it you sexy fucker ;-)

Now I lay with Guyke in 2013 and begin the next 10 years of Second Life and what will it bring?

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