Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Second Life - Improvements are Coming via "Project Sunshine" It Better Work!!!!!!!! Grrrrr


Bock McMillan said...

Ahhh my lovely friends at Linden Lab are working diligently to improve our world!

Haven't I always told you so? Of course it will work, this is Linden Lab we are talking about.


Ziggy Starsmith said...

Yes they work it out like they did with mesh and fps but it took a damn year so I am holding my breath and watching for news of it on CNN ;-)

Bock McMillan said...

Eddi, darling, I am never joking or being sarcastic when I speak or write about my close and dear friends at Linden Lab!

I am - have always been and will always be - a dedicated "Linden Lover", actually so much so that I should always wear that as a tag!

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Just keep your fingers crossed that they accidentally don't delete your sim and ban you for life because of a billing mix up and then refuse to even listen to your pleas!