Thursday, May 16, 2013

Liquid Mesh...Wow

I was casually shopping today at REDGRAVE HD ! Skins & Fashion ! Mainstore at
and was amazed to see a sign advertising something called "Liquid Mesh" which actually conforms to your body so you do not have to alter your size or shape or try and find the right size mesh.....WHAT?
Have our dreams come true? I do not know if this is a new thing or not but I tried the demo of this beach outfit I am wearing and it fit like a glove like old regular standard clothing only it was high detailed, quality mesh!!!!
I have only seen this Liquid Mesh as Redgraves so far and if this is their invention it is going to revolutionize Second Life mesh clothing.
My whole outfit included a one piece shirt/pants plus shoes, sunglasses and a necklace. All mesh and all fit perfectly right out of the box.
10 out of 10 Zig points for this

UPDATE: Here are some interesting comments on Facebook:

  • Aquariastrus Kahinu Jolles Looks good... very good.
  • Ty Yifu I have the liquid mesh jeans from Redgrave. They do fit pretty good but my Avi is still a bit large for most mesh, even liquid. There is another store with liquid, can't remember the name.
  • Cj Doulton Lol got the issue as well most mesh won't fit my avi's body guess my ass is to big so not wanting to alter my avi's body need stuff that comes in 5 sizes with XML included.
  • Cj Doulton Gona have to check out liquid mesh...
  • Kaj Juutilainen I tried it too and it didn't fit to great on my torso. The shorts and shoes fit ok but the shirt looked too baggy on my avatar. I like the idea a lot and hope it expands. Most mesh outfits look like my avatar is swimming in them with the exception of Xplosion, Scars and Connors
  • Adham DeCuir Deformer mesh also coined as "liquid mesh" (Cheerno calls it "fit mesh").. be weary of it. LL has warned designers not to sell it as once they roll out the LL deformer which will actually make mesh fit correct then all rigged "liquid" mesh could be broke and the items could be unwearable. The designer is taking a risk by selling this version of deformed mesh. I won't spend money on deformer mesh until LL officially releases the deformer.
  • Kaj Juutilainen I hope they release it soon, I liked the idea of mesh but when I started to try it on my avatar and saw the fit I was like "meh" for most of the items. I hope they get it right soon.
  • Ty Yifu Thanks for the info Adham
  • Ziggy Starsmith Good advice Adham.

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