Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Second Norway Reborn....

I have written and raved a lot about my love for Second Norway and although I am biased because I had lived in Second Norway since July 2012, it is my all time favorite place on Second life and I am still in love with Second Norway as I was the first day I sailed into it's beautiful waterways and explored it's massive roadway systems. If I counted right SN has 25 sims of excellent non-restricted road and waterways for ban line free sailing, boating, hiking, exploring, horseback riding and it literally goes for miles.... breathtaking scenery galore.
It also has clear, unrestricted access to the Blake Seas by sailing or flying from the excellent, state of the art Second Norway Airport and railway.
A new pictorial series is definitely in order here as Second Norway has changed and expanded ten fold with four new regions/sims: Sletta, Lists, Kaupang and Vindar.
There is so much newness and areas are still under mass reconstruction so I will make this an ongoing series as things and areas progress...
Although I have again split up with my boyfriend Guyke and moved away from Second Norway I will always be back for regular visits....

Second Norway:

 Second Norway Airport/Second Norway Lufthavn [ SNO / SLSN ]:

Tarmac elevation 31 m (11 m above sea level). Terminal, road and train on ground/dock level.
No weapons or battle activity or freelance sales.

Ymer Yacht Club Marina - Second Norway:

The gay and lesbian sailing club: Rainbow Sails has moved and expanded and better than ever....
The New Rainbow Sails:

My Past Blog Posts On Second Norway:

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Guyke said...

SN is absolutely breathtaking.
Another love we share <3