Saturday, April 13, 2013

Man Bashing...

This is a post that I have been wanting to do for some time but wanted to take my time and think it through and do it justice. Society makes it acceptable and humorous to man bash.
 It involves "man bashing" which for the most part means how universally acceptable it is for women to hit, bully, pussywhip and force men to do their bidding using "Love" to make it seem cute and acceptable. To put down men and have it acceptable but if done in reverse is so politically incorrect that you could get shot on site...let me explain...
How many times on TV or even real life do you see a couple (straight man and woman) that are seemingly in love and seem happy but whenever the women gets a slight resistance to her way of thinking she slaps the man on the arm or shoulder. She then makes a face or frowns and looks at the camera or person she is conversing with and says some comment about getting her way over the mans and that he will have no say or he will be punished (usually by withholding sex or he will be put in the dog house)....
This is very common on reality TV, Home shows where the man comments how he would like one room to be a little man cave and the woman immediately shoots it down and comments that no it will be more of a room that she wants or she says if the man is lucky he can have the "garage". If the guy says something in defence he gets his arm slapped.
The man always backs down to show his love for the woman. I call this the "pussification of the North American Male" which I think is also a phrase invented by the late comedian George Carlin.
While on a role here I would also like to point out another little side detour of this...women who demand equal pay and equal rights in the workplace but it is acceptable for them to always have wet fingernails and demand the men to pick up the box for them or what have you. "I can't carry this, it's too heavy...My nails are still drying, get me that box on the top shelf, carry my bags for me...."
Now don't get me wrong, women are wonderful, open minded creatures but what is good for the goose should be good for the gander and how people would gasp if a man slapped a womans arm (even playfully) like a woman gets away with!
Let's reverse it...A man and woman are talking and the woman says she would love a small room in their new house to have a room all her own for her and her friends. The man slaps her playfully across the shoulder and makes a disrespectful comment. Yup, you guessed it. People would be outraged that she was hit and in an abusive relationship.
Just sayin.....
What do you think?

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Bock McMillan said...

It's a valid point you are making, Ziggy. We really should not accept anyone abusing or manhandling someone else.

The reason we actually have double standards in this matter is - I believe - yet another reflection of the fact that we are essentially living in "a man's world". We cannot conceive that a woman hitting a man could cause serious damage or be serious enough for us to intercede and stop it.

The greater problem in the world today without a doubt is men's violence against women - which unfortunately also seems to be socially and culturally accepted in many parts of the world . that creates greater damage and takes more lives. But this does in no way mean we should silently accept the violence you are bringing to our attention in this post.

We as a society should of course have standards and rules in place making it completely unacceptable for anyone to beat the crap out of or in any way (physically, mentally or emotionally) abuse anyone else.