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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Firestorm Viewer Major-Update-4-4-0-33720 with Server Side Baking Support Slays All Competition...

Firestorm Viewer with Server Side Baking Support Not only is this a major update with loads of new features, as well as performance and stability improvements, but it is also a necessary upgrade for you if you want to be able to render avatars correctly when Linden Lab throws the switch for Server Side Baking...

It's been a long time since I rock and rolled and an even longer time since I was able to use my once-favorite 3rd party viewer for Second Life: The Firestorm Viewer.
Last time I used the Firestorm Viewer exclusively was February 2012 just as Mesh was taking form and Pathfinding was being introduced. I was always getting great performance before but then I got fps of 6 or 7 and made sluggish movement so bad Firestorm was unusable for me and I cursed the Firestorm Viewer to the ground and had to use the official Linden Viewer 3 to get any kind of a pleasant, SL experience. I am sure you remember my legendary rants!
Since then I had been using nothing but the Linden V3 but recently the new Linden Viewer came out with this ridiculous upgrade making you have to have a window open on your screen just to see local chat. What are they thinking?
Scratch that, we all know the Lindens don't actually use SL themselves so the cluelessness can be understood...duh!
Long story short I tried the latest Firestorm Viewer again and WOW!
Whatever they did the performance has gone through the roof. On medium high graphic settings I get fps of 50 to 90 and in hours and hours of use I have found crashing to be extinct. I now am back on using the Firestorm Viewer exclusively even with the bloated features. I love it.
One new feature I love is the built in pose stand with multiple poses. Throw away your old prim wasting pose stands.
Graphics appear clearer and better than ever...
I want to apologize to all the Firestorm developers that I had slagged off during the past year and want to say that all the patience and hard work has paid off.
Now I will not give all the technical detail stuff here because it all bores me and all I care about is that it works. So many other more mature blogs have spelled everything out better than I ever could so I will supply links to these blogs who say it better than me BUT I cannot stress enough...Excellent Viewer and the new Firestorm (which by the way includes the important update to support the impending Server Side Baking feature) is top of the list and pretty much slays all other viewers in sight!
We all have no choice anyways because Server Side baking is coming to Second Life any day now and without a viewer which supports this you will see nothing but grey avatars...
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Bock McMillan said...

Damn, you sure know the hard-sell technique. Now I will have to try it out and will presumably be as disappointed and sick with all the unnecessary stuff....

Sogh, being friends with you and relying on your advice is difficult, I would drop you at once if you weren't so kind and sweet and charming ;)

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Flattering will get you everywhere ;-)