Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dancing With Butch's New Feet at The Q Lounge Trance Club.

Met up with my beautiful buddy Butch Diavolo today and he showed me his sexy, new mesh feet and they were spotlessly clean ;-)
After a short visit and talk at my cave he DJ'd his special, brand of trance music at The Q Lounge Trance Club where I think he plays every week at the same time at 2pm SLT on Thursdays here:

I have known Butch since 2008 when he started out DJing at Club Thunder and I used to pester him to touch his feet....ok I still do!
All I ask is to place his feet in a stockade and run a feather up and down the bottoms and his toes and ankles until he loses his mind hehehehe Is that so evil?

In all seriousness, Butch is a sweetie and his sets are always entertaining with his brand of trance and sexy, good looks.
Ear and eye candy in one package....and bare, clean feet...


Bock McMillan said...

Yes his mesh feet look wonderful - and have kind of device installed.

Great guy, good looking and charming as hell, despite his smelly bare feet! ;)

Butch Diavolo said...

Hey! My feet don't smell! All the other comments are accurate though ;)

Blogger said...

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