Friday, April 19, 2013

CNN OVERDOSE.... terrorists, bombs, death, dismemberment, media media media....STOP THE WORLD I WANNA GET OFF!

Beware these videos are very dark and can be depressing...
We all know the latest shit hitting the fan especially in America lately. I will not add to it with details but speaking for myself I have had enough. Media everywhere on every channel making underground heroes and martyrs as well as speculating and interviewing.
The biggest media catch phrase of all time..."Oh he was always a quiet boy..." well it is the quiet boys who end up killing their mother and father with an axe.
I have turned my TV set  off and refuse to be constantly reminded of how we are still subliminally living in medieval times....OFF WITH HIS HEAD!
Oh and by the way! Where was GOD during all of this...?


Eddi Haskell said...

All this coverage for a bomber suspect catch in Boston -- and very little for the total defeat of even marginal checks for semiautomatic gun sales in the United States since the gun lobby pulled something underhanded and was able to scare about 44 Senators into not voting for a basic bill. (Due to the weird laws of the U.S. Senate you need 60 Senators out of 100 to pass a law these days).

Boston is horrible. Yet hundreds more children and others will be massacred in the United State since it is easier to buy an AK-47 machine gun than a six-pack of beer if you are 19 years old in much of the American South.

I am sickened.

Bock McMillan said...

I agree with both of you, Ziggy and Eddi!