Monday, March 11, 2013



This huge, tangled cyberpunk-influenced city is also home to a European hardcore electronic music label called Hangars Liquides.

After exploring mostly heavy forest and medieval sims as of late I decided to go in an opposite direction and check out a place called Hangers Liquides. It was a futuristic city which very much reminded me of Insilico and in fact it seemed like this was actually a copy to be honest. Now this place was very well put together and wonderful detail but like all cities i found myself being claustrophobic and wanting to escape to a forest hehe. The creators have put together a wonderful  detailed role playing sim here and I do not want to slag it just because it is not my cup of tea but I found it made me feel very stressed to be here and I know it is something fantasy and different but I felt very out of place.
Take me back to the forest hehehehe. The pictures turned out very nice....enjoy.

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Lawrence Celestalis said...

Hello, in fact it is the other way around, as everyone knows. One of Hangars towers has been copybotted and it's still there. For the rest: