Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Farewell To Kings....

Things are changing at a rapid pace lately on Second Life.
Despite my ranting and bitching in the early days of mesh it seems like mesh is really coming into it's own now that the process and quality has evolved.
I find myself only dressing in mesh and my purple velvet mesh shoes which have become my new trademark never leave my feet. These shoes have displaced my previous sculpty, favorite boots from Tonktastic. I never thought I would have seen the day.
The Lindens seem to have really moved forward finally as they work on the more important issues of avatar bake fail, sim crossings and such however after experimenting with their latest beta test version of their official viewer I find myself wondering what they were thinking when they removed the current chat toasts and flashing instant message chicklets with a huge bulky chat box as an all -in-one pop up box that steals valuable screen space and makes chatting more of a chore. (Read more here)
However there is such a loud outcry from the residents that this will surely be fixed before the Lindens release it to the regular, standard viewer.
All in all, the old Second Life world is dead...a farewell to the kings of old and a re-emergence of a brave, new world..maybe for the worse or maybe for the better.
I predict the next year to see Second Life become total mesh with avatars and clothing and inventory items all made of mesh. Once upon a time I would have thrown my drink in a Lindens face and stormed off in a rant of threats and promises of quitting but now i have embraced the new and will patiently wait and see,

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