Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ziggy Explores - DragonLolth

 Here is where the giant Dragon crashed to the ground and left his bones for creatures of the darkness to live among. Undersea grotto's, steaming caverns, dark towers.

Dragonlolth is a fantasy realm for those seeking to lose themselves and explore this most magic of realms. Perfect for dragons, fae, elves and more, all are welcome in this intricate sim and dazzling sim.

I went xplorin' again last night by hot air balloon and something crashed into my craft which i could have sworn, looked like a baby dragon.
My balloon crash landed in a beautifully sinister looking place called Dragonlolth and I just had to explore and share the pictures with you....

From their welcoming kit: Please read before stumbling in on this wonderful sim(s)

 Welcome to Uhre Dragon Home, a medieval fantasy realm, ruled by dragons.  Other races are welcome to live in  peace among the dragons as cititzens of Uhre.  Since the great battle of Uhre Dragon Forge, the dragons have jealously protected their homeland from those bold enough to plot and attempt to carry out mayhem.

DragonLolth sim Rules

1. Visitors, please grab a copy of Uhre Welcome Kit and read the rules.
This sim is a part of Uhre and so the rules of it apply for this land as well. Roleplay can occur here so remember to use OOC formulation (( double brackets)) if you need to interfere it and wish to ask questions.

2. Wear a proper medieval / fantasy attire - it is required, nudity will not be tolerated

3. No Rude and Obscene behavior - calling anyone names or such will result in immediate ejection and permanent ban. No questions will be asked!

4. No following or stalking!

5. No sexual soliciting!

6. No silent parking - non responsive avatars may be ejected after given appropriate time to respond.

7. An attempt to non rp theft of any kind will result in ejection, ban and a report to Linden Labs.

8. Please limit your gestures as much you can, we will appreciate it.

9. Wear Uhre visitor tag if you are not an Uhre or Great Alliance member.

10. And above all enjoy your explorations. Welcome to DragonLolth!

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