Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ziggy and Guyke Go Sailing

What a week. what a long tedious week!
Real life absolutely sucked and I could not wait to escape to the warm spring air and sunshine of Second Norway and Second Life.
Guyke and I finally finished unpacking after our return move back to beautiful Second Norway and decided to go sailing.
I took my Trudeau One sailboat out of winter storage and we set sail...
when the winds died down we hopped into the motorboat and headed out to the open waters of the Blake Seas.
We came across some ruthless pirates out on the wilds of the Blake Seas in the pirate zone and although I could not get pictures due to the heavy gun play and lag we experienced when we switched the motorboat for my pirate ship loaded with cannons...we had a great time battling 2 other pirate ships!
We sailed home exhausted and fun filled.....
I missed Second Life and Guyke this week but it was all worth while today!

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Bock McMillan said...

You have made another beautiful home for yourselves, darlings! The place looks splendid - and no curtains yet I am happy to note...

As for the sailing, I was relieved to note Ziggy at the helm of the vessel, while Guykechen took his natural position as figurehead! ;)