Saturday, February 09, 2013

There Is A New Ziggy In Town and It's Not Britney, Bitch!

A drastic change was needed and I been thinking about change for a long time...
First of it is very sad news that my love Guyke Lundquist and I are no longer together because to be brutally honest which Guyke loves and insists on...I was finding we had no time together properly due to a huge lapse in our time. I am in Canada and Guyke was in Belgium so as I was waking up everyday and getting ready for real life he was falling asleep and ready for bed. No one's fault but he would be asleep withing an hour sometimes when I was ready to hit the grid!
.I still love and adore Guyke and we will always be best friends.
Now....the change! The red striped elephant in the room....
Even before I met Guyke my Second Life was feeling dull and I had been there and done that! I had been an elf, a woman (on Halloweens) and so many human shapes that my head spun under all my hair wigs. I have experimented with being a furry alot before as well as other creatures and I found the most fun and adventurous was when I was a furry. Second Life held a newness for me like when I was a noob and discovering and exploring Second Life for the first time. No massive inventory or expectations and no pressures of trying to look and be sexy.
 Material possessions on SL are also a little ridiculous. We pay massive amounts of real cash to try and out do the Jones's next door with huge tracts of land and sims and houses all basically hoping to impress but in the long run most of the time nobody ever comes over to enjoy all your precise details that you pay hard cash for and spend hours perfecting. Nothing wrong with that but everybody is mostly concerned with their own little world. So....
Along with my human form I have also given up having land or a home. I want to travel the grid and spend time in interesting places until i grow tired and decide to move on and explore elsewhere. I have a modest, free Linden Home just for times when I want privacy and to change clothes but basically as of Friday I been travelling down the Linden Highways exploring, soul searching and coming to definite conclusions as to what I wanted out of Second Life.
Some of you hate furry's and think I am crazy for shedding my "hot" human avatar form but then again he is always there in my inventory for times I do want to bring them out and I have more than 10 human avatars from my past to choose from!
Here is to a new beginning, love it or hate it...oh and no more romances please and thank you...I had the best and I blew it.


Bock McMillan said...

My darling Ziggy, I was sorry to see that you and Guyke have split up, although the explanation you give for this seems highly plausible and understandable.

Let me tell you, once and for all - or at least until I tell you something else, I will love you buddy whatever shape or form you choose to present yourself in.

Anything that keeps you with us in SecondLife is completely acceptable to me!



Thank you for the encouraging words Sir Laird. I seem to be getting nothing but positive words on my new form.
It is so different but so obviously me still hahahaha.

Guyke said...

Love you Ziggy <3 Looking forward to being best friends here. I'll be concentrating on RL for a while... I just miss the touch and the warmth of a nice guy too much... xoxoxo