Friday, February 22, 2013


 Not a good day for old, aging Ziggy....
I just got home from the Emergency Ward in the Hospital with double kidney stones. I have a kidney stone on my left and right sides at the same time with such pain it was unfathomable. It blocked my passing of urine and I could not pee so I was slowly being poisoned by my body unable to pass pee and absorbing into my bloodstream. Yeah some of you may have accused me of being full of shit but this time I was full of piss as well and yup my back teeth were floating ;-)
I am on a whole slew of drugs so when or if you try to hold a conversation with me beware I may be slow and even more bizarre and out of my mind than normal...bad pain but great drugs!
Good news is the worst is over and I should pass them within 48 hours and I drink nothing but water constantly to flush them out. Wish me luck!


Bock McMillan said...

Oh my poor friend, kidney stones cause excruciating pain (I have a friend who suffers from it) and having one on each side must double the pain. I hope the medication is helping you and that you soon get them out of your system buddy!

Best of luck, sweetie, I will be thinking of you!


Torro Spyker said...

Sounds painful Ziggy - take it easy - with luck it will all be behind you soon.
Take care out there.

Eddi Haskell said...

Oh wow Ziggy this sounds awful- and I will be thinking of you. But the good news is that this will be over soon, and you can be back to normal.