Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's A Mad Mad Mesh World...

Well here I am, a week into my new life as a furry and a week since my unfortunate divorce from my beloved Guyke. I have already made some drastic, new changes and done alot of great travelling around the grid. I do miss Guyke badly but we will have many adventures together ahead of us but just not as a partnership.
I no longer log off at home in a bed but I log off at the last place I was so that when I log back in I can continue the path I feel I am compelled to travel and where ever it takes me. It feels like my first few months on Second Life, experiencing and discovering great places, builds and creations as well as some old favorites places.
One thing I have noticed now is that I have completely thrown my arms around mesh and embraced it. My clothing most days is all 100% mesh as well as parts of my new avatar. I made my self a size that most mesh clothing fits me without even having to wear any alpha layers or resizing. Most mesh clothing now for me is ready to wear.
Mesh clothing and mesh objects in Second Life have better, more realistic textures and sometimes it can be astounding. Also mesh objects are lower prims and some resizable articles of mesh like some furniture can actually be made lower prims by simply resizing it a size smaller or two. My mesh chair was 4 prims but by sizing it 1 size smaller and having it still seating a regular sized avatar comfortably reduced it to 2 prims. What a great find!
When mesh was first introduced the clothing was horrific. Baggy pants that looked like someone shit their pants at the crotch and tank tops which sat several spaces above the avatars shoulders making it look just plain stupid are a thing of the past if made my good designers who work on making quality products. (I hate that word "product" it makes me gag!!!!)
My newest favorite mesh clothing is my new purple velvet boots which have not left my feet in 2 days.
I have Guyke Lundquist to thank for teaching me the joys of proper mesh... Thank you my prince xxxxxx
Now where will I wake up today and what new discoveries will I find on my trip.....

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Bock McMillan said...

Oooo the famous purple velvet boots... Well they look great and I am sure they suit your perfectly! ;)