Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spam Spam Spam...Comments are being Screened...Sorry

Recently this blog has been constantly bombarded with spam comments beyond control. You may not have seen them because they seem to be targeting 3 or 4 older posts but I am getting 60 plus spam comments on this blog daily. I took off the screening thing-me-bob that had the numbers hard to read (Your welcome Bock). It took me an hour to hunt and delete all these spam comments all advertising crap.
So for the time being rather than make us half blind people squint to try and write in letters and numbers I will be screening the comments to this blog.
This pisses me off because I pride myself on freedom of speech and brutal honesty and by having to screen the comments it makes me look like a high riding bitch.
So when you comment it will say that it will be posted after it is reviewed and I shall review every few hours when possible so bare with us while we attack and kill the spammers and stomp on their throats and piss on their gaping mouths as they writhe in agony in their death throws.....
Thank You- Ziggy

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