Monday, January 14, 2013

Pretty On The Outside Ugly On The Inside?

I have said it before and I will say it again, we are all just grown up men and women playing dress up with virtual barbies....
As you can see above, Lady Ziggy is so pretty on the outside but so ugly on the inside....
Well enough of being a fabulous mess and some Second Life updates shall we?
I went boating last night and the sim crossings seemed to be 60% better than a few months ago and there was no sailing through the air, bouncing off ban lines and diving into crotches of helpless women avatars while they applied their nightly face creams in the privacy of their sacred homes!
Word on the grid is that the Lindens are finally working on some major important stuff finally like sim crossings, bake failure and Bock McMillan's doubled vision incidents...

First I took my old bitch the trusty cigar motorboat out for a spin through the warm spring air which has recently thrown beautiful Second Norway into Spring with no ice bergs to maneuver through it was a blast. I motored through Second Norway and Snug Harbor into the Blake Seas and docked at the hidden island where I then unfurled the sails on my Trudeau One sailboat....

I am also back on the official Linden Lab Viewer as they seem to have fixed all traces of crashes and the viewer has never been more stable and smooth running.
Firestorm was acting up again last time I used it and nothing rezzed it was still slower and just not as fun to use....sorry just being brutally honest but frame rates of 8 or 9 while getting 40 plus on the official viewer makes Firestorm still sucky and unusable be-damned the bells and whistles and toys!

This evening I surprised Guyke with a new secret room inside a boulder.
It looks like the surrounding hillside until you sneak inside and find a see through glass dome with musical instruments, comfy chairs and beverages of the very sociable nature.
Yes of coarse we christened it ;-)

However we felt like we were being watched and judged on our sexual prowess by a deer and a crow so we ended up screwing in the back of the church....OH MY GOD!

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Guyke said...

Love the flag on the Trudea One sailboat :D