Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kharissa's Birthday Party Part 1...

Tonight we celebrated our friends Kharissa Indigo and Zann Baxton's real life birthdays at The Metro Club. Host Larz Kas worked the crowd along with 3 dj's: Zann Baxton, Aeschylus Shepherd and Dextrum Boucher.
I was having some graphic issues which effected the quality of some of these photo's and it seemed to only be on that sim but I managed to snap a few...

 (Above: myself and my husband Guyke)

 (Above: Host: Larz Kas)
 (Above: a pink haired Zann Baxton)
 (Above: DJ Shep)

 (Above: DJ Dex)

Afterwards I tucked Guyke into bed and got in my jammies and bunny slippers (don't say a word) and went to bed....See Part 2 click here

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