Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Wedding Rumour?

Well gossip has it that a former rock star proposed to a famous prince and the prince accepted under the condition that there be no silly doves flying out of flowery things and no church or priest is involved and no tuxedo's buttoned uptightly to the neck will be involved....
Instead there will be one fabulous party to be announced in the upcoming future to mark the joining of two studly but wise avatars and all their friends will be invited.... they eloped ;-)

Do not worry there will be no flowers, no laggy doves no tuxedo's and no boring ceremonies...just a happy celebration!
We all know from my birthday party last year what these kind of celebrations end up as...
limo's, velvet ropes, hollywood royalty, all star V.I.P.'s motorcycles in swimming pools, naked skydiving and balloons filled with laughing gas while chimpanzees serve up drinks... ;-)

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Guyke said...

LOL babe :) I love you so much<3