Friday, November 09, 2012

The First Sign Of Winter....

 Well it seems that Guyke and I managed to venture outdoors today and actually had clothes on ;-)
I got home from work and Guyke was waiting for me with a warm tea and dinner hehehehe then we took a motorbike ride in the chilly Autumn air before snuggling in bed and waiting for the first flakes of snow to ascend upon Second Norway.
We have the fires stoked, the kettle on and extra sheets on the bed....
Cozy time and maybe we just might have to remain on an extended honeymoon if a bad snowstorm blocks us in...what oh what should we do?


Guyke said...

I want to go show you off to the world and spread the love around <3
But just for a couple of hours tho after that I want you all to myself. I'm selfish like that!
(note to myself : next time wear my leather jacket when sitting on the back of my baby's motorbike)

Ziggy Starsmith said...

LMAO Prince Bock, in this weather the outdoors can be even more unwelcoming. May have to hibernate all weekend!
Guyke you look fantastic in anything especially on the back of OUR motorbike! Next trip will be by boat if we are not iced in and have to stay in bed under the covers with just flashlights for comfort ;-)
Grrrrr woof