Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soooooo Sick Of Fetish.....

One thing that I am really getting sick of lately is too many naked and/or fetish party's in Second Life. Everyone a clone of a clone in boots, jock and harness all dancing and looking the same.
Now these parties are fun and groovy once in a while but seems they have been constant lately and I think maybe it is because they seem to draw the biggest crowds!
If I see a party drop down advertising naked, skimpy clothing or fetish type party's I avoid them like leprosy unless I am in a kinky mood and single!
If it takes a dance floor filled with prim cocks, ass and tits to draw crowds all the time then it screams of pretty desperate times.
I have a new appreciation for clubs that try to have classy clothing themes where you can go dressed up somewhat rather than having your ass hanging out everytime. Clubs like the newly reopened BLU and the new METRO club seem to encourage this as well as the majority of The Gay Riveria party's and others!
Now that it is the fall season with cooler weather for most of us why not let us arrive in a jacket and pants for a change? ;-)

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Anonymous said...


I get accused of being a prude when I say such things, but I find the constant nakedness boring. Naked SL avatars really aren't as interesting and sexy as well-presented ones in clothes.

Sometimes it's nice to leave some things to the imagination and have something to work towards.