Monday, November 12, 2012

MESH: A Second Look

 I have been known to rant and moan insanely about Mesh on Second Life but after seeing some of the newer stuff that is available thanks to my partner Guyke, I gave it a second look to see if anything has improved.
Guyke looks good in mesh. To me he looks cool and edgy in his mesh clothing and he recommended I check out the clothing from Grasp who seems to make great stuff without the baggy crotches that look like wet diapers or long underwear with poop in it ;-)
I refuse to adjust my body shape for clothing and when he told me that mesh clothing comes in different sizes now and some can be adjusted and demo's can be tried first before buying...I went for it!
Above pic is me dressed head to toe in mesh from Grasp...the vest, the shirt, the pants and the boots. I also have had for awhile mesh furniture which is absolutely beautiful in my opinion!
I love the leather vest and shirt and I did not have to alter my body shape with an XL size although my beautiful, Swedish buddy Bock says it took away the look of my broad shoulders!
Below are the boots. They fit me right out of the box but did come with a re sizer.
I love them and they are my new favorite footwear!
 Below are the mesh pants with a Zebra pattern which caught my eye. The bum and crotch looked a little baggy but they came in 3 sizes. XL....L an Medium. The XL and L made me look like a lesbian with big hips so I tried the Large and it looked good but still not convinced about mesh pants. It took away my bum shape with an alpha layer and my legs are a little thinner but nothing like a year ago when I tried on a pair and got horrific chicken legs. When I dance they do not go baggy and droopy at the crotch and they looked presentable. I like them! 
 Below is my mesh furniture which I have had for awhile and love. The details rock and it looks very realistic!

 Below...rear view of the pants again. Hips a little wide but passable and I think this is because Grasp makes good quality stuff!
 Below: The side view shows my legs look almost normal with no chicken kegs but my bum is slightly smaller and not a bubble butt.
 All in all I think mesh has gotten better and not just because I am boinking Guyke although he did have me in a compromising position when I agreed to try them! ;-o


Bock McMillan said...

Amazing, who would have thought you were in labor only a few hours ago! Perhaps I should give mesh-clothing a chance afterall... ;)


Ziggy Starsmith said...

Guyke is the mommy ;-)

Guyke said...

I think you look great in or out of mesh clothing! xoxoxo