Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dancing At The Metro

 What a great day spending hours with Guyke and we got to chat in voice for most of it.
We went dancing at the new METRO club with Dj Dex....
Guyke even got me to commit to trying some mesh clothing in the future but sorry pathfinding still makes me want to gag.
What I love about Guyke is that he too can be a naughty rebellious man as well and spared no expense at times making me laugh....Seems we are both a little insane and this is a fantastic thing! ;-)


Bock McMillan said...

Hear, hear, I can confirm that you are both a bit insane!

Now don´t you ever let that stepson of mine convince you to wear MESH-clothing. Who in their right mind would want their body misshaped by the clothes they wear?


Guyke said...

Are you telling me I have a misshaped body? Thanks a lot! :P
I had an insanely wonderful night last night, all that was missing was my dearest Bockilein. (read your email)

Love you both xoxoxo

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Oh Oh Bock, as we speak I am wearing a fantastic mesh vest and shirt which does actually fit me and I feel like a hypocrite but they make mesh clothing in sizes now for bigger juicier men ;-)
Guyke yesterday was paradise on earth.
We did miss you though Bock and we need to see you today now that we have left the cabin ;-)