Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lindens Screw Their Clients Constantly....

By now everybody has some story to tell of some injustice dished out to them or someone they know from Linden Labs. My misfortunes have been well documented throughout this blog.
One of my long time SL buddies Insx was recently robbed literally and Linden Labs basically kicked him in the teeth and as he stumbled to get back up they drop kicked him again in the nuts....(Most of you know his story of what happened)
Personally I find myself logging into SL less and less because of the constant frustrating problems and performance issues and some days I could care less if Second Life even continues. This is coming from someone who used to thrive and love this once promising virtual world! Every week there seems to be new issues which only frustrate and annoy to the point where I just log off and go watch Youtube or play Facebook games.
I never have Lindens to spend as I only get the L I need to pay rent from a 3rd party!
I rarely shop, tip or spend anymore.
 Click the link below to read Insy's blog about his issues....
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UPDATED: OH wow, look more bug filled crap coming our way here

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DJ InsyX said...

The are money grubbin no caring bastard thieves. Hugs Ziggy