Tuesday, October 02, 2012

JordanReyne Deezul Plays Her Dark Exquisite Celtic Folk Music at Meisenfrie Club in Miklagard, Second Norway...

 Jordan Reyne known on SL as Jordanreyne Deezul....described as Boodthirsty celtic rock, with steam-era machine noise, and Grimms fairytale-esque lyrics...

Jordan played Her Dark Exquisite Celtic Folk Music at Meisenfrei Club in Miklagard, Second Norway today for a packed audience and wove her dark lyrics with industrial sounds and acoustic guitars for her Gothic folklore songs which are second to none and impressed me tenfold!
I have rarely heard anything like it as she incorporates sounds like trains and galloping horses with dark, sometimes sexual lyrics in cerebral tunes leaving the large audience spellbound.
I found it also sounding very medieval sounding.
She sings from her stage with a dead tree beside her with a hangman's noose and fog billowing out to further add fantastic mood and drama to her musical stories. Her avatar is also a spitting image of her real life self.
She has her own CDs out and more which can be found on her website, facebook and Myspace page as well as samples of her spellbinding tunes....
What a star and I give Jordan Reyne 10 out of 10 Zig points as well as the excellent Meisenfrei Club 10 out of 10 Zig points for having her play.
The Meisenfrei Club and Miklagard are owned by Q Anwyl and Little Anwyl who have put together a wonderful club surrounded by a scenic sim.
Check out Jordan's pages here:




Visit the Meisenfrei Club and Miklagard sim here:
 Visit Miklagard (177, 197, 55)

 Below: The talented Jordan Reyne....
 Below: Little Anwyl and Q Anwyl......

 Below: Second Norway's Famous persons: Mialinn Telling and Slayer Enyo....

Support real live musicians and the venues that host them. Clubs are nice but the real thing of a live musician singing live is second to none!

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