Saturday, October 20, 2012

Experimenting....The Return Of Firestorm?

 Yup of coarse I am back on Second life! I have to give thanks to many kind words from my real friends but especially to Bock McMillan who basically told me to cut the crap and get my shit together and get over it!
Instead of bitching about Second Life I will try and just deal with sometimes bad issues and just have fun!
Another buddy and neighbor Slayer Enyo  also gave me some good advice and helped me with tips about viewers.
I began experimenting with the Firestorm Viewer again which boasts of being the most stable viewer available right now but as previously blogged, I get laggy muddy performance from it and my fps were not as good as the Official Linden Viewer 3. The viewer 3 keeps crashing on me without notice. I been trying the Firestorm viewer with lower graphic settings and have seemed to obtain a balance between nice graphics and performance I can deal with.
I tried the advice from Eddi Haskell and retried the Exodus Viewer but did crash with it and it was laggy.
The above picture is what I get on the default settings for the Official Linden Viewer 3.
The picture below is what I get on the default settings with the latest version of Firestorm viewer.
Sure I don't have the nicest draw distance but my performance seems great so far on Firestorm and I motorcycled and sailed reasonably well despite the still God-awful sim crossings which leave one with a sense of vertigo that would make the wildest roller coaster seem bland!
Anyways I have not crashed in 2 days so far after being online for an hour and biking and sailing. Maybe my problems are solved by the Firestorm viewer being more stable.
I also cleaned up around my home a little and removed some excessive scripts which also gave me some bonus points in the fps department.
So back to business as usual and I feel an itch in my groin to go out and do some partying this weekend since I am finally off work for 5 days and nights!!!!

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