Friday, October 12, 2012

Crash After Crash...Second Life Apocalypse

I think Second Life is over for me!
I have had enough...the lag, the constant crashing, the whole thing is boring me and after 5 years of playing on this virtual world I think my interest has run it's coarse and my patience has worn thin!
I am giving Second Life until my original Rezz day which is November 25th, 2012 and if I am still being more frustrated than having fun then I am done.
Not done as in quitting altogether but I will give up my beloved home on Second Norway and I am not paying for any home or land and I am not paying any more premium account and dropping down to basic. I will not spend another penny on Second Life.  I will not be on very much and just log off and on wherever I may roam. I feel this is just not worth paying for anymore and I am sick of the performance issues I am having and things seemingly getting worse on Second Life these days rather than getting better.
This is no longer a product worth spending a dime on. It's not fun it's aggravating!
This is why many of you have not seen me around much lately....I just feel defeated.
Since the introduction of Mesh on the grid my performance was cut in half and constant crushing lag plagued me. I went and bought a new, excellent computer and it worked great with no lag, top graphics and super fast but then pathfinding came along and I don't care what anyone slowed down the grid even more and I will be damned if I will get a new computer after 6 months just for a virtual world which seems to be dying on the vine.
I crash every few minutes...a hard unexpected crash with no warning.
If I try to cam around it crashes.
If I try to take a snapshot it freezes and crashes.
I payed for toys like boats and vehicles which I cannot use properly because of sim crossings which freeze me, suspend me in limbo forever until I crash or force a computer shut down.
In 2009 and 2010 it worked better than it works now.
I tried all the viewers and they all lag and freeze.
I find myself not doing anything for fear of crashing.
Every time I have logged on in the past 2 months I get aggravated rather than loose myself in a fun virtual world which is supposed to be fun and help us escape from reality.
Most of my long time friends have left Second Life as well and all my favorite clubs are gone and I log on and no one talks to me or messages me. Everybody is off in their own sims doing their own thing and the social gathering mentality which was prevalent in 2007 when I first joined Second Life  is gone! I miss the fun of being a bright eyed noob exploring everything for the first time. Back in the day everybody gathered together and chatted but now it's one big fashion show of peeps standing in their macho AO poses all looking the same and nobody speaking. We sometimes might have looked ugly and hideous with simple avatars and clothing back then but we sure seemed to have more fun without all this mesh, pathfinding and steam bullshit as the Lindens blindly crash into each other in a blind panic to invent something shiny and new to attract new customers and users. The way to get and retain new users is to make things simpler to learn, less bells and whistles, affordable land and tier prices and a stable platform without layers and layers of unfixed bugs quick-sanding us all.
I am not spewing all this for pity or for cries of help but because it is just the truth.
Second Life seems boring to me now and it's time to cut down on it. I am giving up on what was once so promising.
I find myself watching Youtube more and more or Facebook games while my avatar sits alone on a virtual couch, isolated and doing nothing. Why pay for all this.
Maybe things will get better and the fun will come back to me but it's not looking good...
This blog will not end and I will still be around but just not in the same capacity. I might just be a low lag furry living from sim to sim exploring but the paying to be bored and frustrated is ending.
My buddy Larz is on the same modem and same hook up as me and has no issues most of the time. He laughs and says that maybe the Lindens put a curse on my avatar for all the bad mouthing I did against them haha!
Anyways let's see what happens and hopefully the sparkle will return in my prim eyes and Second Life will become fun again....Goodbye for now! xxxxx



Done and tried all that. The only viewer that works for me is Linden Official V3.
I get great performance other than crashing every time I cam or take a photo etc.
I need to take some time off SL it is just boring lately!
Clubs and everything is just been boring!

Anonymous said...

Jarvis Randtalirantaralundar said:
Ok, I hear your words and feel the meaning. It's becoming to common a commentary from long time SL'r's.. I know I've even taken a few breaks from things.. It's been tough to find a good balance of SL & FL, but I've gotten a great family in SL, and lots of close friends.. I often wish more than anything, for more time to spend and see all those friends.. The old, the new, and the amazing ones that I'm looking forward to getting to know.
I know my core family keeps me here, and while I get frustrated with crashing, updates that increase issue instead of repair it. And yes, mesh I think was a mistake. While entertaining, it's to restricted and excludes far to many.
What I truly hope, is that you will find that new inspiration, that hold that keeps you with us. There's more I want to learn from you. To bad I can't find and send you that prim twinkle for your eyes.. But I'll send my good vibes and hope for the best.

Bock McMillan said...

My dear, sweet, charmingly hotheaded, fiery and wonderfully passionate but extremely rash darling buddy!

Please read what you yourself have written carefully. You are on the same modem and the same hook-up as Larz and "he has no issues most of the time". Doesn't this tell you that the problem is with your computer and not with SecondLife, sweetheart?

And what the fuck is this shit about you leaving SecondLife? Are you trying to kill me off completely?

I do not care if you don´t own land or if you become a basic account freeloader but don´t you even think of leaving, and especially not for that hellish Facebook of all the damned Internet social networks.

Take deep breaths, my darling buddy, and please calm yourself.

Love you always, even when you become a rash and impetuous Linden-basher!