Monday, October 29, 2012

Cheer Up, It May Never Happen...

 What have we become?
For those of you old enough to remember the lies and promises told to us throughout the decades than this may tickle your fancy, titillate you or may even infuriate you!

-They told us way back, that the future would be bright with flying cars, robot servants and more leisure time and less work.  All turned out to be modern day fairy tales!
BUT...back then we usually got a good night sleep and had a smaller work load!
Then came the electronic age: The hippies sold out and sold their souls to the devil...

-They told us that with the invention of computers our lives would become easier with tasks and work being completed faster and more efficient which would give us more leisure time and less stress. Turned out we are working longer, faster and in a bigger rat race than ever as greed took over for more, more more and faster faster as employers expect more and more to squeeze more work from tired, overworked frustrated people as their computers freeze, crash, blue screen and printers declare war with us in a battle of catapulting ink.

-Mass media hype and hypocrites..
Hurry up, moving forward, cable TV, live the good life, read the memo, rules rules rules,  keeping up with the Joneses , media brainwashing and peer pressure to be sexier, thiner and faster and pretending to be famous and longing to be a star and influenced by sluts and idiots on TV and radio that can't sing their way out of a wet paper bag!
The stars we worship usually have 0 talent and are sad, lonely desperate drug addicts as seen on the entertainment tonight shows! Scandal after scandal, sex tape after sex tape all begging for attention...look at ME! I am fabulous....
What are the Kardashians really famous for and who the hell is Honey Boo-Boo and why do we even care?

-In their quests to escape their overworked lives people try and squeeze their fun and leisure time in along with sometimes alcohol and drugs into the wee hours of the night and early morning and get less and less sleep causing poor daytime work performance, hung over poor workmanship and destroying their health and mental states! No wonder things are never done right anymore, things never get done properly and people are in a tired, overworked zombie state!

-The invention of the cellphone, blackberry, i phones bla bla bla...I know you all love them but they are mostly toys for employers to keep track of you and for mass marketers to sell you more and more crap! Notice people always want to be able to get you right away and get agitated when you cannot be reached instantly. Your boss can call you day and night and it is unspoken but you are expected to be "on-call" all the time!
Your a looser without the latest, brightest "aps"...keep up with your friends with the useless "gadgets". Pay more and more for the latest and most popular toys!
Conform or be cast out....

For me, computers are a nice invention when used properly. Reading and obtaining great information if you can sift through the falsehoods and non-facts!
I do not need, own or want any hand held device because they are not really my cup of tea. If you call and I am not home then I am not home..leave a message!
I like to get away from the damn phone mainly because of my career.
All the rest is toys and to me, Second Life is the only real toy I need to play with when I want to escape! A place where things can slooow down, be fun and relaxing (usually) and give our minds a chance to wind down from all the day to day bullshit from the above modern day horrors!
I am confident to say that in real life I actually do try and stop and smell the roses and leave extra early so I can take my time and notice and enjoy the little things without being in a blind panic to be the winning-es rat in the race!
When at work I have to bow down to what is expected of me but my free time is my free time baby and I will go and do as I want with no pressure from governments, bosses, movers and shakers. I am a free bitch baby!

 UPDATE: What the fuck, even Blogger has jumped on the bandwagon of sell sell sell...what is up with all the new, ugly banner ads and the unwanted advertising links in the blog posts?


Ziggy Starsmith said...

Let's have a 3 way marriage between yourself, Bock and myself in one tiny, cozy commune where we ALL have bare feet, loose open necked shirts or no shirts and nice comfy sensible clothing and a garden to smell the roses everyday ;-)xoxoxoxoxo

Rylan Sirnah said...

Ziggy ..our little sexy Hippy