Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn Is Here...

Ohhhhh nooo, my 5 days off real life work is officially over and I am having to go back to work!
I did have a great time off though. Got alot of things accomplished and connected with some new friends as well as regular good friends which I call "vintage" friends because they get better with age like fine wine-the longer I know them, the more I love them!
Highlights defo were with Bock, Butch, Rylan, Larz etc and some great party's....and getting my Second Life working again viewer and performance wise!
I got my log cabin winterized and ready for the upcoming Second Norway winter and got these cool, new trees which can be changed to the appropriate season with a hud which you can wear.
They can be with buds for spring, full foliage for summer, fall colors with falling leaves, bare trees and snow covered trees. They can be found at a place called "Botanical" but I can't find the landmark as I was writing this but I will add the link later.
You place the trees once and that's it they are set for all seasons....
With the upcoming autumn also comes my 3rd Rez day for Ziggy but my 5th year total on Second Life! No celebrations are planned but just a smile and a quiet remembrance of all the people, places and things of my Second Life past!

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