Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fabulous Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts...Crushing the Sim crossings!

 It has been an ongoing issue for me trying to sail lately on Second Life with the new pathfinding features introduced by Linden Labs causing me unbearable sim crossing experiences where before there would always be a hiccup crossing sim lines but now I was freezing and crashing so bad at every sim crossing that I contemplated giving up sailing and motorcycling. My prized Cigar Speed boat and my beloved motorcycle collection as well as my Bluehawk Pirate Schooner all useless to me.
In my collection I had a small Trudeau 12 sailboat and I gave it a try again on a whim and I found myself soaring through sim crossings with the occasional slight hitch of sinking halfway but then popping back into place to sail on relatively problem free! I can live with that!
The Trudeau 12 sailboat is very low prims and I think that this along with a great design and update has made the Trudeau boats work almost flawlessly.
I had such great luck and pleasure again finally that i went and splurged  on the bigger Trudeau Sail Yacht One.
I found it was just as fantastic as my little Trudeau 12 and after a few weeks of not sailing I finally had a great day sailing from my home at Second Norway all the way around the entire Blake Seas with no lag, no crashing, fluent sim crossings and a very natural feeling of sailing the open seas!
I cannot rave enough about how good these Trudeau Yachts are and highly endorse them!
Jacqueline Trudeau has done a fantastic job making these boats and if you love sailing these sailboats are a must have in this brave, new world of Linden Lab surprise apocalypses...

Sailboats - Sloops, Yawls, Schooners, Tall Ships, Catboats - SL's finest wooden and traditional Sailing Yachts. Now in our 6th year in Second Life!
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Bock McMillan said...

Awesome! Now I only hope that this will keep you in a good mood. You were hideous when you couldn't sail, sweetheart! ;)