Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Visit With A New Bron Yr Aur

Today when I logged in I met a girl named Rachael who was sailing by my home at Bron Yr Aur and messaged me saying she was a Led Zeppelin fan and loved the name of my home (which was Led Zeppelin influenced) and my T-shirt. We talked for awhile and listened to Led Zeppelin.
We also spoke of the name choice of my house and the meaning. I have posted before about my old sim with the same name but I brief re-explanation..
"Bron Yr Aur" is Welsh for "Hills Of Gold" and "Golden Breast" which is named because of the way the sun shines on the hillside in the morning and is the name of a secluded cottage in real life where the rock band Led Zeppelin lived briefly in 1970 and wrote many great songs. Being a major Zeppelin fan you can see why I also chose that name for many of my homes on Second Life!
I tried to emulate the land and cottage here on SL as close as I could to the rl Bron Yr Aur as a tribute and because it is a damn, cozy place if I do say so myself. I have had a few visitors stop by before who were Led Zeppelin fans  and asked to look around.
Robert Plant (Zep singer) and Jimmy Page (guitarist) were also major fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and his books "The Hobbit" and "Lord Of The Rings" and a main character from the books was named Stryder which Robert Plant also named his dog (a blue-eyed Merle which is an Australian Sheppard). many of zep songs had LOTR references in the lyrics too. I named my Second Life dog Stryder as well hehe. I too am a hobbit fan and also at times a Hobbit avatar!
You can see why I involve all these features into my home...



 (Below is the pics of the real life Bron Yr Aur...)

Below is a live version of Led Zeppelin singing about Robert Plant's love of his dog named Stryder and walking with him at Bron Yr Aur. At the end of the song Robert stands up and yells "Stryder"....


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