Monday, August 27, 2012

What are your thoughts on the layout of this blog?

I decided to take a poll (and ram it up your ass-just kidding)
The poll is on the top right corner of this blog and it asks how you like the text for the blog.
All in all do you find the post text easy to read, hard to read?
How are the colors for viewing and reading etc. What colors would you prefere if you had your way?
What do you think of the post topics etc and what would you like less of or more of?
More pictures? More reading? More bitching, less bitching? Less of something?
An anonymous reader posted a comment that they liked the flirty interaction between mostly Bock McMillan and myself, liking it to a soap opera where you always want two characters to finally get together but never do...Does this make th blog more fun or is it personal stuff you would rather not keep seeing....Now is your chance for YOU to bitch at me if you do not like something....
Basically, all in all, what are your thoughts of making this a better blog in all aspects?
This does not mean I will give a shit but if I see things your way it might make for a better more entertaining blog for everybody...


Anonymous said...

Okies, my opinion.

I usually link to yours and Bocks blog from Eddi's.

Eddi's blog seems have a broader perspective on things and he takes time to be thoughtful in a diplomatic way. Bock seems to be more personal.

I enjoy your bitching and passion about things. You're more of a loose cannon and that's fun. You're always excited about something and you're not afraid to talk about your disappointment. You explore and that can be informative.

You do offer your own unique perspective. You don't talk down to your readers and you're not pretentious... this earns you a gold star in my book.

The thing that I admire most, is that you just keep marching on through life here and you're willing to keep an open eye for someone special. It's a very charming quality.

Bock McMillan said...

I did your poll, and chose the last option because you did not have one that said "Love it, love it, love it!" ;P

...for the rest I agree completely with the eloquent Mr. Anonymous!

Hugs and kisses!