Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Bullshit Continues....More Viewer Excrement

Well what a swell day...just dandy!
I was reading another another blog which will remain nameless, about an experimental viewer being tested by Linden Labs. Yet another change coming to confuse us all no doubt  which started when they began dicking around with the old flawless Viewer 1 in favor of the infamously detested Viewer 2. This experiment is bound to be another round of bullshit rammed down our already swollen throats!
Now I understood when I downloaded this experimental test viewer that it would have bugs bla bla bla BUT what I did not expect was that it was exactly like my current favorite Viewer3 but gave me fps of 5 to 8. Worse than I get with Firestorm but no big whoop...I will just remove it from my computer and continue using my beloved current official SLV3 which gives me 70 plus fps (what the hell did they do to it to make the fps so horrendous?)...WRONG!
It suddenly crashed on me as I attempted to log out and then it crashed my computer. Must be my fault as usual because I did not read hours and hours of Jiras (sarcasm) so I relogged and it did it AGAIN!
Soooooo oooook...I went to delete this buggy virus like entity from my computer when lo and behold it would not let me. I kept getting a malware warning pop up saying it could not be removed.  I tried the official uninstall with no luck so I tried it through the remove programs on my computer and relogged but it kept coming back like an attack hacker from the great Linden antichrist. I rolled back my computer and finally killed it!
What kind of fresh hell are we being dealt with with all this new shit fucking up a good thing. When Second Life finally works just leave it! I wish they would stop adding all this new useless shit like "pathfinding".  All the sim crossing fuck ups and crashing and rolling restarts just so we can have some stupid mesh rats running around on the floor.
Oh how pretty...look Martha look at these new prancing mice on the floor. My God aren't they cleaver? Too bad we can't cross sim borders but hell, we have these lovely vermin....
I smell more than rat droppings though, I smell bullshit yet again!
 Any of you sailors out there know what I am ranting about when I see how terrifically nightmarish the sim crossings and sim restarts have been for the past week or two while the Lindens try and get this pathfinding shit together. The saddest part of it is, they seem to fuck things up on Friday and go away for the weekend leaving us to deal with the mess instead of them just fixing things. If they do fix things on Monday then they come along on rolling restart Tuesday and kick us in the balls with some blindsided kick in the groin and then rollback on Wednesday which never gets us back to where we were originally!
Piles and piles of bugs on top of one another now like layers and layers of un wiped excrement caked in our ass cracks like a hermit in a dumpster!  (Don't you just love my descriptive slagging?)
Now just as my pain meds kicked in which make me cranky (See earlier blog entry) this un named blog which originally informed me about the experimental viewer had a comments section where I left a rambling little rant about this viewer and what it caused me (I just wanted to warn others) and some other bimbo reader of that blog proceeded to antagonize me further by telling me to stop bitching about it and post my problems with it on a "Jira" and to "get real"....Oh I seethed and retorted even more!
More hours of Jira's and googling viewer issues was not on my current agenda as 3 kidney stones tore through my cock hole so you can now see the source of my rage!
A viewer of any sort, even an experimental one should not act like a hostile virus to my computer especially when it won't give me the satisfaction of deleting it from my system! Are they testing this shit before handing it out like candy on unsuspecting avatars who just want a viewer with great performance which works out of the box and let's them just log into their fantasy world and have fun?
Oh the poor wonder Second Life is having retainment issues for new people!
Ya I know I am ranting and bitching more than usual today but some asses need to be kicked at Linden Labs because it always seems they have no clue how to do anything right the first or even the second time!
Don't you love it when Zig's on the warpath ;-)


Butch Diavolo said...

You are so sexy when you rant, Ziggy... I think I want to have your babies. (deepfried with plum sauce)

But you do have some very valid points as well, i.e. clean up the "layers and layers of unwiped excrement caked in our ass cracks like a hermit in a dumpster", LL and then we will see about adding new (useless) stuff.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Butch, I am very virile so be careful about what you wish for as you may just become an Octo-Dad ;-)

Bock McMillan said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Butch! Sooooo sexy when he is angry and goes on a ranting rampage ... *swooooons*