Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thank You Linden Labs...Thanks Alot! This Might Be My last Blog Post!

Sucker punch to the face of Linden Labs for creating what was once a dream and then completely fucking it up so badly that I do not see them lasting another 2 years at the rate at which they are destroying their own creation...
I tried to do one of my simple pleasures this afternoon...sailing.
I crashed at every sim crossing. At times I just hung there until I forced a log off or I crashed only to find my viewer (LLV3) display a pink screen with some error message and not allowing me to log back on until I restarted my computer.
At this present time, for me anyways, boating cannot be done and I am giving up until they stop forcing bullshit like mesh and pathfinding  down our throats and fix the basic necessities like sim crossings. They invent these bells and whistles and toys in the hopes of bringing in new people with the promise of shiny, new dangling carrots on a string yet kick us old timers in the teeth when we try to taste it with open minds!
New crap that would only interest a few geeks who like to play around and experiment with things instead of fixing bugs that effect the Second Life population as a whole.
The Lindens are so out of touch that I seriously doubt they actually log inworld.
They have no clue.
To me right now, boats are useless...there goes one of my dreams!
Riding my motorcycles was an effort as well, flying and spinning in the air at every single sim line and sometimes crashing with such sudden velocity that I fear it might hurt my computer!
Now we have always had issues on SL and we learn to deal with them but since they brought in Mesh we noticed we suddenly had less performance and were told like bad, little, school children that we needed better computers or graphics cards.
We do this and we still have crap and like I said in another blog post...layer upon layers of old and new bugs that are such a mess that it is like trying to clean up layers and layers of un-wiped shit that has caked in our asscracks after years of not wiping...yum!
Mesh stuff can look nice but at what cost..and sorry but mesh clothes look like shit with baggy sagging crotches and not resizing or fitting properly. For this we have to upgrade? To me the old prim clothing looks far superior.
Now the latest absolutely useless tool-pathfinding is basically a toy to make rats and wasps run around nice and cute. If you do not believe me read about it for yourself on the SL webpage pathfinding info! Wasps and Rats????
Well to have cute wasps and rats we had alot of other better things break in return and everybody is panicking to turn off path finding on their sims....this is ridiculous. Ass backwards...Have it off by default and then if we do want it then give us the option to turn it on! What gimps!
LINDEN LABS...THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT IT (besides a few geeks or developers who like to play around with toys)!
I have heard that the pathfinding roll out broke breedable animals, some vehicles, problems with sim crossings and a whole slew of endless crap which is sure to be left un-fixed and ignored and hopefully we will shut up, take it and live with their mistakes, until they brilliantly invent something new and equally stupid to take our minds of that and rant about this!
The only reason I stay on Second Life is the friends I have made and would miss.
The dreams of a fantasy world have been destroyed for me after being on SL for 5 years. I am finding myself alone just sitting on my sim alot because nothing works and I just chat in I.M.
I might as well be on a chat room or message board from 2001.
Sure I will still attempt sailing again but once I crash I will give up on the first attempt and do something that involves just walking. I spent hundreds of lindens on boats, motorcycles etc etc and I have to try and give them up for wasps and rats running around on the barn floor. You damn idiots!
I also will punch in the face anyone who reads of my woes and says to me...

-Well what system, computer and graphics card are you using?
(me)-The same shit that I used before all these new toys came along that worked fairly decently and I have not touched a thing..IT'S NOT MY FUCKING COMPUTER OK!!!!

-Well what viewer are you on, I use ________________ and never have any problems...ooops until now! Oh dear, I crashed for no reason!
(me)-Hmmmmm whoopsie daisy your viewer is not the issue it's the Lindens!

-Well post your issues on our JIRA and then we can have a looK..
(me)- I am sick of googling problems and looking at Jiras when nothing gets fixed and spending days and days reading and googling only to find other people have the same problems with no solutions. Common fact, the Lindens ignore the Jiras, go see for yourself. They close and hide some of them too!

My solution which is very radical but might just work:

To save Second Life the Lindens should roll back to pre-Mesh, get the viewer together to make it usable, easy and functional for everybody (like Viewer 1) and not just developers and work around the clock on the basic issues that effect everybody like lag, ruthing, clouds, sim crossings and inventory loss and crashing!
We would not be returning to the past but moving to the future on the proper coarse and getting the original issues fixed. Then and only then could new features be experimented with like mesh and pathfinding.
Better yet give the mesh/pathfinding people their own mainland sim with mesh and pathfinding to play with and let us regular users have a stable grid that is unaffected by toys if we don't want them! The experimental mainland continent could be called Excretica...enough said!

This may be my last blog post as well as I find it a massive waste of time to write about Linden horseshit over and over again!


Anonymous said...

WOW Ziggy...well said!!!
~mikedacook :)

Anonymous said...

I share your frustration.

But I just don't see Linden Lab ever changing course. They seem completely detached from users who have been here for a long time.

I think the only thing keeping most of us here are friends and our attachment to our virtual selves.

Unfortunately, the only solution I see is for each of us to devote a certain amount of our time to being a pioneer outside of Second Life. It's lonely, but Second Life has become lonely also in many ways.
If enough of us could add growth to another grid, then all of the goodie-makers would smell money and the crowds would follow. If only the gay population would begin to migrate, it might just be a really wonderful new world. It would open up new land-owning opportunities for those who can't justify the LL pricing. And gay people would also have a huge advantage in shaping how this new world would be.

There is so much talent and resources in the gay community. I wish we could somehow come together in a long term goal. Many of us are going to be virtual world addicts for years to come. Short term loses is really a small price to pay for the freedom of a new promised land.

Eddi Haskell said...

Exodus worked for me, the version that was not introduced this week. Everything else was crashing. Exodus is stable.

Anonymous said...

If only they'd make SL use DirectX instead of OpenGL, frame rates and performance would get a lot better.

Butch Diavolo said...

Well, what system or graphic card are you using and what viewer? (awaits the sucker(mmm)punch)

Seriously though, as I have said before, you make all very valid points. Sad fact is indeed that LL couldn't give a toss about it.

The introduction of mesh I could live with, despite the fact that mesh pants make my perky virtual ass look like it would inspire new and innovative "yo momma..." jokes, but what the purpose of pathfinding is I just do not get. Especially since there are soooooo many bugs and faults in what is already there.

I have actually looked into finding another virtual world to hang out in, but I would miss my friends too much. And that is what keeps me coming back to SL...

Ziggy Starsmith said...

We need to hang out Butch :-)

Bock McMillan said...

Like Butch, I am staying in SecondLife for the people I know and love.

Ziggy Starsmith said...

The most important thing is friends in Second Life so that is why I will always stay despite holding my breath, ranting, stomping my feet and smashing dishes.
Tried sailing today and did not crash but there is definitely a new lag added on since pathfinding was added.
If they add one more lag inducing toy I fear SL may become unusable for me and I just got a new powerful computer so I will be damned if I upgrade again any time soon!