Tuesday, August 07, 2012

On The Warpath.......Again!!!

Hello, did I mention to you that I HATE PATHFINDING?
Don't ask me what it is or what it does but all I know is that it's so far, the all time worst for inworld disruption of my fun! Some new project that Linden Labs thinks will save the world!
Did you know that because certain sims have this enabled that if your wearing or have anything made of mesh then you will get trapped on certain sims and cannot exit or enter or some twist of similar fate?
Also rumor has it then when it is switched on in all the sims it will make anything with scripts in it do something silly....Most sim owners are turning pathfinding off in their sims before it takes effect! I am not technical or know the ins and outs of this new pathfinding crap but I do know it will induce more lag and more vomiting...
There I was minding my own business and being the cute, gentle, quiet avatar that I am ...well I was hurting nobody when my boat hit a sim crossing which sent my boat sailing straight up while I was catapulted forward where I landed face first into the crotch of some woman who was sitting innocently in her rocking chair by her fireplace in her home! My mesh clothing was torn asunder from my body and I was sprawled out naked on her floor wondering where my boat went and wishing this was Bock McMillan or Butch Diavolo sitting naked in the chair before me.
 So I fumbled an excuse and fled out to the Linden waters to try and drown myself but being part merman this plan failed leaving me naked, freezing and wet until I slammed into a ban line which trampolined me straight upwards where I was once again plummeted helplessly into the next sim where all my clothing re-appeared and deposited me back into the seat of my boat as if nothing happened....then I crashed!
The moral of this story peeps is...
Pathfinding sucks
The Lindens can't even get their mesh and pathfinding to synchronize properly enough to make Second Life usable in it's current flux!
Ohhhhhhh what an embarrassment....

You want to get furious like me about PATHFINDING? Read about this bullshit here:

UPDATE: I received so many very good feedback from this blog post on Facebook and I hope no one minds me reposting their comments here but they make very very valid points and hit the nail on the head:

Sarco Halderman thanks for the warning
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Ty Yifu Hahahahaha sorry Zig but it's hard to really get a sense of your anger when I'm laughing my ass off!
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Rylan Sirnah God I love you Ziggy.. and the old lady in the rocking chair loves you too... wink
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Esme Capelo Well, I don't understand it, but it sounds bad. I have been wondering what the pathfinding thing at the top of my screen was. Oh, and btw, the lady said she enjoyed it ;-p
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Rylan Sirnah It is a system I think will be good for people who are building interactive game type sims, but it really has no purpose anywhere else in my opinion.
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Jagger Naughton Oh Lerd, Zig put me in the mood to write LOL. Ya'll ready for this LOL? I had a personal private rant to myself when I read about pathfinding last week, although I haven't had any experiences with it yet such as you have. The problem with LL is they are always worried about the next "bells and whistles" instead of the previous one(s) they rolled out that that isn't yet functional or perfected. Every advancement they move forward with seems more geared towards builders, to be honest, instead of the average person. In case they haven't noticed, builders/merchants are leaving SL en masse. I noticed just last week three long-time merchant sims were closing, to add to the long list that have already vacated in the past few months. They need to get a clue that if they don't refine the user experience for the common person, who is not a builder, those mervhants have no one to support their endeavors and keep them afloat so that they can pay the inflated costs of their sims and stay lucrative. LL is a business, seemingly way too corporate for a long time now, and from their press releases obviously concerned about remaining lucrative themselves. Someone needs to explain to them that creating more "bells and whistles" for builders isn't going to retain those individuals or prevent them from abandoning their sims. Keeping the average resident happy with better functionality and an easier less frustrating experience will keep those builders around...because if we enjoy our time in SL and come more often we are gonna spend more and support those businesses...supposedly. Isn't that how the economy works? The staffs at the approved third party viewers who have to decipher Linden code to keep up or make any advancements in their own viewers will tell ya that Linden code is nothing but a patchwork mess now, and no surprise that with each subsequent LL viewer upgrade there is never a difference in the experience as far as lag or crash rate, even though they'll boast it will "considerably" reduce these common complaints. I mean, has it ever LOL? Obviously I don't have the answer, but I know aside from the coming of mesh, there has been little to advance the experience of the average person in a very long time. Every upgrade or introduction of some new function leads to nothing but frustration and even more upgrades/updates. It makes anyone hesitant to even embrace anything new. So here they have this major pathfinding thingie they are about to thrust upon us, when mesh itself has so many issues that many of us commoners, and merchants alike, have yet to embrace it completely? The feeling I get is that they themselves get frustrated with the issues they create and they get it to a point they consider the negative aspects acceptable, or simply something WE have to accept, so they abandon it and move on to the next thing. They are grasping at straws to prevent additional loss of revenue for themselves, but they aren't looking at what generates that revenue...the common average resident. WE keep those builders afloat. If WE buy they will continue to build with the same tools they already have. My advice to LL is to focus on the common on-going issues the average resident has had to deal with for years, make the general population happy, THEN worry about tweaking and advancing in other directions. Then again, that isn't how government works is it? The direction they are headed, they will kill SL for us all, because they'll have a meeting one day and determine that overall SL in general is no longer a lucrative business and pull the plug. Personally, a nice way for them to start making amends with me is to refer to me as a "resident" since I have to have that atrocious attachement to my name as if it were a UPC code, instead of a "gamer". I'm not a gamer. I don't play games in SL. It is only my opinion, but I don't think most people I know, and that's an awful lot, go to SL to play a game (drama-seekers and sh!t-stirrers don't count). In my opinion, again, it would far better serve their purposes to promote SL as a social network, because that's truly what it is even for the true gamers. It's insulting to me to be refered to as a gamer in every press release just as it's insulting to me to have see "resident" attached to my name when I log in. Yeh, I know I am a resident. We all are. We don't all have the state or country in which we live attached to our name in RL. Sorry, but display names don't alleviate any blow to my individuality I feel from having the option of a display name. They can't convince me that they pay attention to the needs or desires of the average resident, because I haven't seen where they have addressed one single common complaint effectively in the past two years. They selectively listen to a selected pool. LL has gotten too big for their britches and can't control it themselves and look for outside sources to rectify their issues at the top. Instead of looking for someone who has proven experience in the business world or gaming industry, maybe they need to find someone with a little experience in psychology and spend some time on the sofa themselves. Appeal to the common average person and understand their needs and desires and all of SL will thrive. That seems so basic to me. Wal-Mart moves in every where there is a growing or thriving community. Builders and merchants will do the same. Unfortunately...LL is basing their business model on Wal-Mart, and with every phase that they deem an advancement they have no clue why their employees look for a job elsewhere and their customers seek other places to shop. They are focused on the "$"-sign and not what's inside the hearts and souls of the individuals who are responsible for why they exist in the first place. We all know that isn't going to change, so we'll keep on chuggin'...and bitchin'. I know I will :)
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Brewer Debevec I agree with Jagger Naughton , As a builder, i try to build what people want, I dont need all of these fancy tools...granted they are nice to have, but we made some awesome stuff before we had them. I would MUCH rather have LL fix the lag problem, and the "cloud" and "ruth" issues...
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Jagger Naughton Yeh...and of course we all have enough sense to know that sure, our internet connections and PC capacities play a huge part in lag for each of us individually, but that's a cop out. The bulk of the lag issues lie in the server capabilities and the viewer codes. There is so much patchwork and such a chaotic structure. THAT is where the bulk of lag/crash issues comes from LOL. With my crappy computer I will always have lag and crashing issues, but it wouldn't be damn near as bad if they'd get it in their heads to focus on those issues instead of something else that'll be "broken" the moment they roll it out, and have to scramble to resolve that instead of focus on previous, known, long-term issues. The just add to their problems each time and like every previous one, eventually 4 or 5 problems later the older ones become forgotten. Funny to me that on the day of roll-out LL is already blocking JIRAs and threads regarding known bugs with pathfinding. They only want us to know what they want us to know. Brewer, I am sure advanced builders welcome any upgrades to tools, and expect there to be growing pains, and it's way cool you are happy with what you already have to work with. LL doesn't understand that without the average resident builders/merchants have no need to build, with advanced tools or antiquated ones. Their understanding of "build it, and they will come" is a little twisted because people have little patience for frustrations. The mass exodus of merchants and disappearance of popular rental sims should be the biggest clue. Sorry, no one is finding a better place to go. Avination is hanging on by a thread and isn't thriving. People are just getting frustrated and leaving, or simply not spending as much time inworld. They find better things to do with their time that doesn't involve frustration.
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Brewer Debevec Yep, most of my favorite shopping places in SL are just about gone. A friend and I looked into another grid, and the prices were much better...but they have the same problems.
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Jagger Naughton Yeh the prices are better, because they have to compete since they don't have the traffic/residential population SL does. Any competing grid is going to have to offer something far better than SL to be able to attract enough residents initially to make it worth it for merchants to migrate, and probably have an extensive advertising campaign. SL can survive and flourish, better than ever, if LL will stop thinking about the bottom line. It isn't boredom that drives residents and merchants away. Frustration does that. SL is a social network more than a gaming community. Facebook is a prime example of the need to connect that many people have. SL offers a different and more fun platform to be able to do that. If LL would focus on ease of access and basic functionality it would thrive. They need to start with not refering to us as "gamers". The true gamers in SL are people too, and have the same desires to connect, albeit through the avenue of "gaming". Bottom line is, we are all people regardless of our interests. Treat us as such, with respect, and don't label us with an inaccurate insult. I betcha, statistically, the most active population in SL are not "gamers".
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Pathfinding is getting pushed to the main channel this week: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Deploys-for-the-week-of-2012-08-06/m-p/1626331

P.S. Could you scale down the text on your blog? It's huge!

Bock McMillan said...

Haha my cute, gentle, quiet avatar buddy!

I would happily have been sitting their naked with Butch to soften your fall and embrace you and sooth you with calming strokes and kisses ;)

Ziggy Starsmith said...

Ok Bock we are going to all get together and re-create the catapulting scene with you and Butch....;-)
Not seen you in a while and miss you!