Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Second Life Memories Part One...Before and After!

 I was reading a forum post here about how people first discovered Second Life and it got me really thinking of all my SL past and friends past and present and how I was first hooked...
The above grave stones are in my SL backyard and are my first 2 avatars before I became Ziggy. I started out as Rex Short who then became Rhett Whybrow who then became Ziggy Starsmith! Below is a pic of Ziggy as a noob.
Before Second Life I used to write a blog on my real life and also ran a message board called "Cyberia" which for a period had become extremely popular with internet peeps. I used to dream of and tell people how cool it could be to have actual virtual rooms instead of forums where people of like minds could sit and chat as little avatars instead of a boring 1 dimensional message board. Then I was known as "Tattoodman" and had a little flat avatar picture to identify with.
It was sometime in 2005 when my massive archived message board crashed/got hacked and all the years of posts and pics since 2000 got lost forever and I was becoming disillusioned with message boards. A friend of mine on the forums named "Skippy" began posting pictures and video of funny as well as sexual acts between 2 male characters which were 3D virtual world characters from a game called "The Sims". I wanted so badly to play the Sims but the found out it was all just yourself alone making the various characters interact.
Around this time I also started playing these 2 games called "Final Fantasy" and "Jade Cocoon" but found the game aspect of it boring and wanted to explore these worlds more rather than play them. Someone told me about Second Life but at the time I was very busy and never got around to looking it up.
In 2006 I started working at a site on the night shift with nothing to do so I googled Second Life and found the web site.
I first logged on with some avatar that the name escapes me because my work computer was not powerfull enough to run SL and I gave up after 30 min....
Fast forward to 2007 when another message board friend told me to try Second Life again on my home computer and it would work for me better. I raced home and signed up with the name REX SHORT.
I spent a good week running around help island and learning stuff and trying the tutorials but I was instantly hooked so bad I could never leave.
After a month I found myself given a landmark to a gay club on SL called AUSSIEBOYS. I tp'd there and no one was there and had no idea still how to really walk or fly confidently. I found myself stuck in the corner between 2 buildings when someone typed behind me...Hello need help...and I met my future first SL Boy Friend named Dazza12 Slade the owner of  Aussieboys. Long story short I eventually became a co-owner of Aussieboys, tried hosting (hated it) and met some really cool friends like Alexcub12 Hax, Insyx Piranha and Paulec Decuir and Dextrum Boucher who taught me so much and got me into really loving SL. To this day I still consider them my dads and my family.
After a time I had a bad romance (que the Lady Gaga song) and commited virtual suicide by jumping off a cliff and logging off forever and deleting my Rex Short avatar (What a fucking drama queen)...
I signed up an hour later and became RHETT WHYBROW. (More bad romances followed hehe)
One day I was bored and was looking for new names available on SL when last names were still in use before the usernames came into being and signed up a new avatar named ZIGGY STARSMITH. I loved the new name and new persona and so after some careful thought decided to become Ziggy full time and kill off and delete Rhett.
So many memories and so many friends some long gone from SL and some just vanished. I remember the early days and clubs such as FAT TIGERS, IRONWORKS, DEVIL INSIDE, FIERCE as well as many other and some still around today like AQUA LOUNGE.
I keep the grave stones around to remind me of my early days and memories on SL and will never forget the excitement and discovery of SL which I still hold true to today....
What memories do you have?

TO BE CONTINUED...Parts 2, 3 and 4...


Mialinn said...

Had bad romance with one named Rex too...or the romance was good, the ending was not..he was just gone after a year...so it's must be something with the name ;)


Wasn't me hahahahaha