Friday, August 31, 2012

My Second Life Memories - Part 3: Rhett Whybrow

 Welcome to Part 3 of my walk down the memory lane of my Second Life. Above is the very last picture of Rex Short at Anacortes sim at Vanyel gazov and my home before Rex commited virtual avatar suicide (see last post)....The pic above that is a pic of Rex Short in the bottom right watching my buddy Insyx Piranha basically face fucking my buddy Paulec Decuir at Aussieboys Club circa 2007! hahaha...
Below are recently found, uncovered pics of my next Avatar named RHETT WHYBROW.
As you can see my Ziggy is the evolved creation from Rex to Rhett to Ziggy. I actually consider myself still Rex and Rhett but I just legally changed my name. Besides the first week of being Ziggy, I never hid or kept secret my old persona's.
In the noob days of Rhett Whybrow I was actually a forest elf or considered Elven since my husband Vanyel was heavily into Elven and Wickan practices.
Below is Rhett Whybrow as a noob with elven ears and a brand, new nooby named Larz Kas on his first day of Second Life. I am on the left and Larz is on the right. Larz Kas is my real life boyfriend of 19 years and we lead almost completely separate lives on Second Life now but in the beginning we were joined at the hip. Larz hated Second Life and hated me playing on Second Life. In the beginning we had massive fights about me spending time on SL and ignoring him.
When he found out I had a BF on SL he hit the roof but as time went by I got Larz to join SL and slowly but surely he began loving it as much as me if not more!
When Larz first joined SL I took him to a big party on a huge Pirate Ship at the now, long-gone FAT TIGERS SIM. I introduced him as my rl bf and a few people managed to moan out feeble hello's as usual!
We both loved Fat Tigers when it was a small piece of a sim. I used to have pics but they have been lost when my old computer crashed and I lost all my classic pics. I managed to find and restore many of these following pictures....
We used to hang out together along with Vanyel and cruise Fat Tigers (especially the hammock where everybody would converge on in them days and socialize), Cite Gay and Adonis Gay Bath House and The Gay Forest (all long gone sims). I lived with Vanyel in a house in Cascadia on the Anacortes sim which I think still remains to this day on the grid somewhere. Larz had a separate house that was also in Anacortes and generously lent to him from Vanyel. Vanyel treated us both well. We lived like stars in beautiful, woodland plots surrounded by water. I find it very funny that to this day I still like my houses to be in the woods surrounded by water. Maybe I still have some Elven still in me ;-)
Vanyel was a host at the defunct, legendary IRONWORKS club and he was host along with DJ Queen Edman of the original AFTER HOURS dances.These dances would be absolutely packed with people and went to 4 or 5 in the morning at times. We met new friends like Steve69, Lathurblu, Cubbybear Carver, Chaz Longstaff and his BF Kip, Eddi Haskell, Sasch, Vortmax, Kimberly and Kharissa Indigo and so many more who's names escape me right now. Many of these people are long gone or turned into new personas...

 Below Vanyel and myself dancing at Elven forest where you can see my pointed ears. We both dressed in heavily elven clothes, capes and outfits. Eventually Vanyel and myself moved from Anacortes into a massive black castle and this is where I really learned how to build, create, texture and landscape on Second Life.
After a time Vanyel had a dream to buy an island sim and set up an ultimate castle in deep woodland surroundings and together we found a place called THUNDRA MALL that was for sale and got it. The first few days we terraformed and then Vanyel had to leave SL for a few days for RL events and I remember distinctly that he told me to go wild with my landscaping and terraforming skills and create a deep woodland home for us on what we called THUNDER ISLAND. While I was creating my buddies Nicoli and Fenix would drop by and seemed to be keeping an eye on me! On the first creation of Thunder Island I had made it deep woods much like Tymus Tenk had later done at his Calas Galadhon sims. (At the time Tymus was also a woodland elf and not the man hunk he later became ;-) hahahaha... Tymus also dropped by and helped with landscaping from time to time. I created hidden caves, underwater areas and a massive volcano with a secret room inside. I tried to add magical, elven things and tricks to the island and was so excited for when Vanyel returned and seen the landscaping I had done. I had literally spent 3 days and nights non stop creating and perfecting. The whole time Nicoli and Fenix were flying around behind me....watching!
When Vanyel arrived home I couldn't wait to show him what I had created for the both of us. All he had to do was set up a huge castle and add his touches wherever he wanted or suggest changes. While I showed him around the island he was very quiet and seemed withdrawn and told me he was tired. He logged off immediately and I was devastated. He must have hated it I thought. Long story short we later had a massive fight and I was catching him with Nicoli and fenix (See last blog entry) I was banned from Thunder Island and Vanyel, Nicoli and Fenix tore down Thunder Island and rebuilt everything over again their way. In my opinion it looked bare and not elven at all and seemed like just flat land with a few hills and a celtic building here and there and nothing like we both once dreamed about!
After many great months together and I split up with Vanyel I began emerging more as my punky, edgy persona as I am to this day and you can see that there is not much difference between Rex, Rhett and Ziggy Starsmith.
Larz and I moved from rental home to rental home and eventually partnered.
After a few months I bumped into Vanyel at Ironworks long after the banning of Nicoli and Fenix from SL and he had a new boyfriend named Jonathan Schenkal (sorry if the spelling is wrong). We all became friends again and Jonathan was wonderful and happy that Vanyel was with him. Vanyel may have still had his pointed ears but he was no longer really elven. I was heavily becoming a wild, out of control drug and alcohol influenced party boy.
Vanyel invited Larz and myself to return to THUNDER ISLAND to live and we moved into a corner of the sim and named the log cabin and land "Bron Yr Aur" In my next blog installment I will talk about what Bron Yr Aur all means to me and why I continually name my homes that!
Vanyel and I talked about what happened when I had first landscaped Thunder Island and he told me that at the time he felt left out and that I had decorated the sim all myself too much and left absolutely nothing for him. Looking back he was right. I had been so excited and carried away that I never thought of leaving something for Vanyel to do...
After awhile Vanyel began planning the opening of his own club after being fired from Ironworks by then manager Paulec Decuir. Paulec was a great friend in them days, funny sexy, gentle but very sarcastic in his humor and I found it wonderful at first but over time he began to get too vicious and caused embarrassing drama at times. We talked for hours sometimes and he bought me my first AO and proper X3 cock and nips and taught me how to dress better haha. We had a secret joke between us about where we both lived in Canada and that it was nothing but welfare mothers with 8 kids and moose and beavers. From then on whenever we met I yelled out "MOOSE" and he called me "BEAVER". No one else knew what the fuck we meant until now that this secret is exposed!
Paulec and Dextrum Boucher and myself hung around alot in them days and the stories I could tell would fill 3 more blog posts and get me in a shit lad of trouble ;-)
Anyways, Vanyel, Larz Kas, Dextrum Boucher, Zim Gunsberg and myself basically started up the Legendary CLUB THUNDER in the skies high above Thunder Island. I tried opening up my own store in the mall making ugly T shirts and later even uglier Elven and Lord Of The Rings inspired tapestry and carpets but got tired of it after awhile. Vanyel gave Larz Kas his first job as a Host and Zim Gunsberg was the first stripper/dancer and Dex and Vanyel set up the first building for the club and mall. After a major tiff, Dex quit and took all the buildings with him. I love Dex and felt torn in my loyalties between him and Vanyel but I mainly kept out of their fisticuffs.
Vanyel, Larz and myself found a new building for CLUB THUNDER and reset everything up better than ever. Over the time at Club Thunder I met more great friends including the very first DJ gigs for Zann Baxton, Mirah, Jonathan Beatty and Ritch Nichols as well as others I am sorry for forgetting right now. I was sick of running clubs and hosting so I liked to keep out of the running of Club Thunder but it was all of us that started the club.
Like everything else over time we all drifted apart and Larz and I left to buy our own plot of land. Vanyel eventually had real life issues to take care of and closed Club Thunder and sold both his sims Thunder Island and Terry's Dream....

 Below are pics of the last few months before I killed Rhett and became Ziggy Starsmith.
Larz and I split up as partners on Second Life and began living somewhat seperate lives because Larz did not like some of eccentricities I started to evolve with. Rhett became a drug selling/taking hippy and rocker and was becoming a hermit living on a piece of mainland called (you guessed it) Bron Yr Aur.  I also was experimenting with an alt at the time named MANNY STEAMPUNK who was a flashy, glitter and glam rock party boy with blond hair.
(Above: My alt named MANNY STEAMPUNK who began planting the seeds for me becoming Ziggy Starsmith)
Around this time I began fooling around with man after man and usually leaving a trail of bad romances in my wake and I know I hurt a few people whom I will not mention and bring bad memories back to life.
But at one point as Rhett I met up with a guy named Ryuu Hoisan at the Milehigh Club and we instantly hit it off and became partnered. I don't remember the details of what happened but I split up with Ryuu after a bad fight and long story short, I think I hurt him very badly.
I was beginning to feel like SL was dead for me and was beginning to get a very bad reputation of hurting men I dated. My last few weeks of being Rhett I married a beautiful man and I am sitting here trying so hard to remember his name and I feel horrible for that. I met him at Hubs and he was with me for my last 2 weeks as Rhett before I disappeared on him and became Ziggy. That is his picture below on the left with the armbands and shorts.*EDIT: I remembered his name...he was Ron Teichmann)
You see my King of the bad boys reputation was given to me for a reason because I was such an asshole at the time. Buddy if your reading this I am sorry for forgetting your name but this has been a long blog post and I was tired....
On November 6, 2009 I became Ziggy Starsmith in the hopes of beginning again and incorporating all my past persona's into one new avatar who would hopefully learn from his past and be everything rolled into one...above is Ziggy Starsmith with Vanyel Gazov when he returned to Second Life briefly in 2010 and he visited me at my new home.
I would begin again....



Anonymous said...

Have been following, Ziggy. Very interesting hearing you tell about how you got to where you are.

I admire your honesty. All of us have done things that were aren't particularly proud of and have gotten hurt along the way too.

I too have a RL partner in second life. We've been together about the same time as you and Larz and have also chosen to keep some distance from each other in SL. It's odd, we know the other's SL pretty well, talk about it, but don't share friends, intimate details, passwords, or computers. There is a line of privacy drawn between SL and RL and it's never been an issue in the RL relationship. Oddly, the issue has come from SL relationships. This has been a sore point a few times. Even though I'm actually more open about my RL with my SL partner than vice versa.

I had no idea you were part of Club Thunder. I remember that place well along with Cite. I met some of the most delicious European men at Cite.

I felt bad in reading the Thunder Island story. I get kind of emotionally invested in the land creation myself, so I kind of imagined the disappointment you felt when the praise and acceptance you hoped for turned into rejection:( This place can be incredibly complicated sometimes.

Thanks for chapter 3. This is good stuff. We've met before through one of your ex's but have never really talked. I will introduce myself the next time we pass in a club.

Be well.

Ricco Saenz said...

I also loved Fat Tiger when it was a small part of a sim. It was amazing! How I miss it.